Have Mosquito Bites And Fear Dengue Fever? Here Are 7 Ways To Avoid It

Before the 1970s dengue outbreaks were uncommon, but since this time the disease has gone global. With the infection affecting 128 countries in regions including...
Uber Sonic Toothbrush Review | Tooth care subscription service | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Uber Sonic Toothbrush Review

How excited can you get about a toothbrush? Well, I’ve recently found out with Uber Sonic and the answer is, pretty excited! I absolutely love how lightweight it...

What You Must Prove to Win a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

Disclaimer: The information presented below is meant to serve as a quick guide to what you must prove to win a slip and fall injury claim. This...
Skinade Celebrities | What is Skinade and is collagen ging to make me younger? | Full Review | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Skinade Collagen Supplement Review

We’re all on the quest for perfect skin, aren’t we? While I religiously follow the likes of Lauren from The Skinny Confidential and Kim Kardashian-West, I aspire...

Okay, so I had Botox on the NHS

It’s kind of a bit of an embarrassing subject area isn’t it, sweaty armpits? Well guess who never has to worry again about them (well...

That Big Fat Break

You know when you’re waiting for your big break? It’s kind of like that saying about men and buses. You wait and then two come along at...
The Body Shop Spa of the World Firming and Toning Range Elle Blonde

The Body Shop, not as you know it | World Spa Green Coffee Bean

The Body Shop is one of those brand's you know that a distant family member buys you one of 'those sets' for Christmas that you...

Things To Know When Quitting Tobacco By Switching To Vaping From Smoking

Statistics show that most people using e-cigarettes are vaping to quit smoking. In the UK alone, almost half of the 2.6 million e-cigarettes users are former tobacco...

Struggling to Sleep: Tips to help you sleep

A couple of weeks ago I talked about bedroom styling and how it's not just aesthetics that we need to think about, it's practicality too. If you read...

World Autism Awareness Week: What are you doing?

Until a couple of years ago, I was naive and oblivious as to what Autism even was. I had never heard of the term Autism. And it...