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A few weeks ago we hosted our very first Influencer Summit as part of my other brand ELLEfluence. If you’ve never heard of ELLEfluence and you’re a blogger or influencer you’ll want to listen up. We are an outreach programme designed to help you seek paid and gifted opportunities throughRead More →


I’m so passionate about the Influencer Marketing industry, you probably know that though right? So much so last year I began setting up my own Influencer Marketing Platform. ELLEfluence was born and kicked off with an event with Urban Decay. Since then we’ve gained a strong following and over 2,000Read More →

Ahhhhhh mate. They’re the two words I usually mutter to myself when sifting through applications at ELLEfluence for those applying for opportunities. Why? Simple it’s the attention to detail. What is the one cardinal rule of social media? Always be accessible. Think about it, if a PR discovers you theyRead More →


Subdomains are actually losing you money! Let’s face it. I’ll call a spade a spade. I’m blunt and honest. What you see is certainly what you get. Sometimes I’m vulnerable, sometimes I’m demanding. Sometimes I’m high maintenance and sometimes I have tantrums. I’m always transparent though and because business isRead More →