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Your dog can get very sick from parasite infestations. There are both internal and external parasites that you need to be cautious of. Internal parasites  include: •    Roundworm •    Hookworm •    Whipworm •    Different kinds of tapeworms •    Heartworms External parasites include: •    Mange Mites •    Fleas •    Ticks •Read More →

Buying your child a horse | The pros and cons | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

With Christmas just around the corner, little boys and girls everywhere will be writing their Christmas lists to Santa, and you are tasked with getting them their heart’s desires. However, what should you do if your child asks for the ultimate Christmas present, a horse? For some people, a horseRead More →

Dogs need a loving home, with an owner willing to care for their every need. We explore the things you need to know about getting a dog in today’s post | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog | Dog Blog

Dogs need a loving home, with an owner willing to care for their every need. It may be that you are the right person to look after a canine friend, in which case we completely recommend it. You and your dog will have many years of fun together. However, someRead More →

tortoiseshell cat

If you are a cat owner or simply a lover of all things feline, you may have heard about the mystery surrounding the tortoiseshell cat. Cats have always been aloof, stand-offish, independent and pretty hard animals to read. The tortoiseshell variety takes this aloofness to a whole new level withRead More →


Having a nervous dog can be tough. Even though you try to be the best pet owner you can be, it seems like they’re always in a state of distress from the smallest of things. Although you should really go to a vet or behavioural specialist for severe problems, thereRead More →

From the moment you bring your dog home, you develop an emotional connection that lasts with you forever. You want to enjoy as many happy years as possible together, and making sure that your dog remains healthy will be right at the top of your list of priorities. A simpleRead More →


As a dog owner, I find it impossible to imagine a life without my little best friend. Having a dog enables you to create so many amazing memories and have lots of fun. There are so many things to love about owning a dog, they’re definitely one of the bestRead More →

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Even owners with the laziest of dogs will need to take their pampered pooches out for a walk on a regular basis. Just like us, canines need plenty of exercise to maintain their physical fitness and stimulate their minds. If your dog doesn’t get out much each day, he orRead More →

My first business was all about dogs. Dog food, dog collars, dog treats, dog clothing so it’s safe to say that this first business inspired by my Jack Russell, Ziggy has given me so much knowledge that I’m borderline dog food obsessed. I am more bothered about what we feedRead More →