There’s no question that securing a home isn’t the most exciting part of homeownership. While this may be true, it is still a step that all homeowners must take. Some tips to help ensure any home is protected from nefarious individuals can be found below.

1. Install a Fence

There is nothing better than a visible, physical boundary to keep people away. Remember, when burglars are searching for a house, they are looking for an easy target. If a homeowner hires the Illinois Fence Company to construct a fence around the perimeter of the property, it will be instantly safer.

2. Secure All Doors

There’s no need to help burglars come right in through the front door. It’s estimated that up to 34% of burglaries begin by someone leaving the door unlocked. Some quick and easy ways to reinforce a door include installing a video doorbell, smart locks, a strike plate, and a deadbolt.

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3. Lock the Windows

Windows are the second most common entry point for burglars. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s latches aren’t always effective. Along with replacing the latches, consider installing window security film, glass break sensors, and window bars.

4. Add Lights Outside

Burglars are going to look for dark areas around a house where they can hide. If a house is well lit with quality landscape lighting, there is a good chance it won’t be targeted.

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5. Secure the Garage

The garage is becoming a more popular point of entry for some burglars. Even if they aren’t able to get into the house, they can still steal expensive items out of the garage. Be sure to close and lock all garage doors before leaving the house or even when someone is home.

6. Install a Security System

Today, there is a huge selection of home security options. There are also options for people with any budget. Take some time to evaluate the needs of the home and property to determine which system is best.

7. Secure the Wi-Fi Network

The wireless network used by a homeowner is a doorway to their financial and personal information. By using home automation, it will also make the property vulnerable to a potential break-in. If the Wi-Fi is connected to the smart home devices or the security system, it may provide a criminal with access.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure the wireless router is secure. Enable WPA or WPA2 encryption, rename and hide the home network, use a firewall, create strong passwords, and use antivirus software.

8. Get Rid of Hiding Places

Bushes and trees may add curb appeal, but they also provide hiding places for burglars. Be sure to trim any plants close to the home that may be used for cover.

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9. Install Security Cameras

If someone does come on the property, having a security camera can help ensure the police can find them. These don’t even have to be monitored. Just use the footage that is stored in the app.

10. Invest in a Safe

If someone does happen to get in the home, be sure that all the valuable items are protected in a safe.

When it comes to home security, there’s no such thing as doing too much. Use the tips and information here to ensure the right steps are taken to protect the home, belongings, and family.

Are you looking to help secure your home from intruders? Have you got any other tips for our community on how you protect your home? We’d love to know in the comment section below. As always, if you’ve found this article of any value we’d love for you to share it with friends and family, across social media and beyond.


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