So, you want to play the electric guitar. A noble idea! 

Perhaps your goal is to jam out in a band with friends or just learn how to play your favorite songs for your own enjoyment. 

No matter what your ideas are, you can start achieving them when you take some electric guitar online lessons for beginners. 

There are lots of different websites out there that can teach you, but what are online lessons like? What can you expect? 

Let’s learn about it now. 

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What Is an Online Lesson Like? 

Imagine going to an online school for aspiring guitar players. 

You guessed it! The learning is done via video. 

Most of these companies will feed you lessons in short bursts, so you never get overwhelmed or tired as you learn. You can learn the lessons at your own pace and rewind that video as many times as you like before you nail down that particular chord.

The Advantages

When we learned this was how most online guitar lessons are, we couldn’t help but feel a bit relieved. The ability to learn at your own pace is a huge win. 

And with many of us still practising social distancing even though the world is more or less reopening, it’s a relief we can learn in a safe place away from others. 

And, you still get support with some online lessons. In this Guitar Tricks Review, for example, it is talked about the awesome user forum where the students can collaborate and chat. 

How to begin lessons online to play the electric guitar | Music & The Arts | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Advanced Lessons

You may think, “I know the basics already now… what happens now that I’m ready to move up?”

There are tons of resources out there for those of you that have graduated past learning finger placement and basic chords and songs. 

Many of the online places you visit offer the basics, and then they go into advanced techniques for the students ready to do so. 


Make sure that your online electric guitar lessons feature a course in fundamentals for your guitar. 

Your guitar is your tool. Like a chef keeps their knives clean and sharp, you have to keep your guitar in good condition. 

Make sure your lessons show you how to properly

  • Hold onto the guitar
  • Tune the guitar
  • Teach you the names of the strings
  • Strum the guitar
  • Identify parts of the guitar
  • Handle fingers, strings and frets

These are just some basic fundamentals that newbies should learn. It sets them up for success down the road. 

How to begin lessons online to play the electric guitar | Music & The Arts | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog


The newbies often ask, what music will I learn? 

The answer: Whatever you want to learn. 

A good online lesson site will offer you lots of musical choices. You aren’t limited to playing electric guitar songs only. In Guitar Tricks, for example, you can learn songs by Bach on guitar.

Look for sites that offer music by popular bands you already know first. These are good to learn on. Many of us know how these songs sound. It makes it easier to learn them this way. 

It is likely the first song you learn will be one you’ve heard before. It will be one that’s easy to play but still boosts your confidence. 

If you don’t want to play your guitar alone at home, why not buy rock beats, jam along with your new virtual band, and practice what you have learned in the online course.

Do I Get Support?

We will say this: Any good online lessons for beginners should offer some form of support. 

If your preferred site for electric guitar lessons does NOT offer such a thing?  We advise looking elsewhere. 

Support can be either in the form of a user forum or the ability to contact an instructor for help.

Newbies to the electric guitar (and anything else in life to be learned) need help at times, and that’s OK. The ability to reach out and get help, and overcome what’s bothering you, will make you feel inspired to persist. 

It could be something simple you are overlooking. Or perhaps you are doing something fundamentally incorrect that needs to be fixed early on. 

The point? Make sure your lessons give you the chance to reach out and ask someone for help. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from a peer or your instructor. 


If you’re ready to start your electric guitar lessons online for beginners, today is the day.

Just a few minutes every day can make all the difference. Make a video of yourself playing on day 1. Then look back on it after one month of diligent practice. 

You will be amazed at your progress!

Imagine starting today and looking back one year from now- you will be glad you did it! 

How to begin lessons online to play the electric guitar | Music & The Arts | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog


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