If you love making food, there are plenty of things that you need to consider to make your cooking endeavours successful. From using the right ingredients to following the exact recipe, everything needs to fall into place while cooking. Believe it or not, cooking in the right vessel or cookware can make a significant difference in your cooking. For instance, pan sauce can be made in any vessel that can correctly hold the sauce, but making it in a pan would definitely give it a unique texture and taste. That’s why it is said to use the right utensil for cooking different items. 

A cast-iron skillet will be a great addition to your kitchen if you are into baking and love experimenting with different stuff. It is special cookware made with cast iron, which is better known for its high heat retention and durability. A cast-iron skillet can be used at high temperatures and provides a non-stick cooking experience. It is essential to understand that cast iron skillets are incredibly versatile cookware in the house. You can use it for pan-frying, sautéing, braising, roasting, broiling, etc. Baking is one of the significant uses of iron skillets, and many people have even replaced their ovens and microwave with this heavy-duty cast iron cookware. 

The Best Things To Cook In A Cast Iron Skillet | Food Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Things To Cook In Your Cast Iron Skillet Initially

As iron skillets provide a great non-sticky, more durable, and heat resistant surface, it makes an efficient cooking companion in your kitchen. If you are using a cast-iron skillet for the first time, you need to practice some dishes initially to season your skillet and master the art of using. The following dishes can be the beginning for a lifetime of cooking with cast iron skillet. 

#Note: Before starting to cook anything in your skillet, it is essential to pre-heat it for a good 5 minutes. Let the skillet pre-heat at low to medium flame. 

1. Caramelised Onion

Onions are always a good thing to start with. You can also experience the new skillet with the help of onions. Caramelising onions in your new skillet will tell you about the heat retention and distribution and how the oil warms up the pan. This way, you can learn a lot about the working of your skillet and use the caramelised onions in your dishes. Remain vigilant while caramelising and try not to burn. 

2. Roasted Carrots

Sautéing veggies in skillets is simple; you can take any vegetables to season your skillet. Roasting veggies is a fantastic skillet staple. You don’t need to prepare extensively for roasting veggies. Take whole carrots and add some shallots as well. You can replace the shallots with turnips or fennel also. Add some oil to the iron skillet and all the veggies and change the seasoning according to your preference. 

Carrots | The Best Things To Cook In A Cast Iron Skillet | Food Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

3. Bacon

One of the ideal things that you can cook in your skillet is undoubtedly bacon. Once you have got acquainted with your iron skillet by making veggies, you can move further to meat cooking. You need to understand the heat retention of the pan for cooking bacon in it. After a few cooks, you might know how long it takes to heat the whole skillet. It would be best if you allow the bacon to release its juices into the pan and get completely roasted. 

4. Cornbread

After the veggies and meat, you can start on your baking endeavours. Start with a simple cornbread recipe to get an idea regarding the cooking time and method. It is a simple baking dish that you can try in your skillet. Coat your skillet with butter and fill it up with batter. Give ample time to the dough and allow it to sit in the pan before you take it out. You need to prepare the batter well to make the cornbread soft and gooey.

Cornbread | The Best Things To Cook In A Cast Iron Skillet | Food Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

5. Roasted Chicken With Herbs

If you have mastered the cooking of any meat in your chicken, you should definitely try roasting chicken. Once you have started getting regular performance from your skillet, you can move forward with chicken roasting. Chicken is the main course protein that will make a great dinner platter. Roasting a whole chicken in a skillet is undoubtedly tempting. You can impress your guests with your cooking skills. 

6. Apple Brownie

 If you want to try some dessert in the skillet, start with a simple apple brownie. It is easy to make and prepares a delicious dessert serving. Pre-heat your skillet on the stove as it allows the brownie to come out crisp. Prepare the batter for the apple brownie, and pour it over the pan. The heat will start to cook the brownie. Allow it to rest in the skillet to make the crust crunchy and interiors fluffy. 

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The Bottom Line

Cast iron skillets are amazing cookware that can make your cooking experience even more enriching. With its non-stick surface and high heat retention, iron skillets make a great cooking companion. First, it is essential to try out some dishes to season the skillet and make yourself acquainted with the cookware. You need to understand the cooking process in a skillet like how you need to pre-heat before cooking anything, and patience is the key to get the best results.

The above mentioned were some of the initial dishes you must try making in your cast iron skillet. Once you have seasoned your skillet correctly and learned to handle the cookware, you can start experimenting with different foods.

The Best Things To Cook In A Cast Iron Skillet | Food Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog


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