Home rebuilds are generally large projects that involve careful planning, time, dedication and persistence to hit goals, deadlines and targets. At the same time, most homeowners will want to keep both costs and stress to a minimum. 

Probably the biggest decision to impact your stress levels will be deciding where to stay during your building project:

  • Do you move everything out to a temporary rental home or flat? 
  • Do you stay in a nearby hotel? 
  • Could you live temporarily with family and friends? 

Typical rental options can get expensive quickly and staying with others can become intrusive on their day to day life over longer periods of time. After all, you never know what’s around the corner when it comes to building projects; having a solid base of operations is extremely important to avoid any unwanted surprises or lengthy deadline extensions. That’s why we recommend a static when you’re taking on a self-build. 

Why You Should Hire A Static For Your Self-Build Project 1

Benefits of static caravan accommodation

Static caravans placed on-site mitigate the downsides of all conventional stay options. 

The benefits include:

  •  you retain the address of your self-build
  •  you keep proximity to your home
  •  you enjoy comfort and freedom
  •  you save money compared to typical rental accommodation

Static caravans offer an extremely effective solution to the problem of where to stay during your home rebuild or other building projects. They are incredibly comfortable, cosy and offer all of the mod-cons of rental accommodation for a fraction of the price. 

They can also be fun for all the family if you have children, almost like having a mini-holiday right by your home without the hassle of travel and being uprooted.

Rent or buy a used static caravan

Once you’ve decided statics for self-build projects is the best choice for you, the next question is whether you should rent or buy a model. Both have their pros and it really depends on your finances – whether you can pay a high sum at the start of your project or would prefer monthly rental fees to split the cost.

Why You Should Hire A Static For Your Self-Build Project 2

Renting a static for self-build projects

Renting a static caravan is almost invariably cheaper than renting residential accommodation in flats or houses. Considering you can get a caravan which is bigger than many flats, almost as big as some houses, you aren’t sacrificing space or comfort by saving money.

Rental suits shorter-term projects or projects with more flexible deadlines. Some caravan dealers will also take care of transportation and logistics so you don’t even need to worry about getting a caravan too and from your site. 

Short term leases generally come with a notice period you’ll need to adhere to, but this can all be arranged prior to signing any contract.

Buying a static for self-build projects

Buying a unit is more suited to long term projects with extendable deadlines, whereby you invest in a caravan to then sell it whenever your self-build project ends. 

If your project lasts 6 months and you take good care of it, then it may not lose a significant amount from its total value. However, you must be able to be financially stable should anything happen in the market or if the caravan gets damaged in any way that impacts the potential selling price.

Of course, you don’t have to sell it and many owners decide to keep their caravans as a holiday home, which can also be rented out and become a source of income.

Before pursuing either option, check the planning permission required in your area for installing a static on-site.

Why You Should Hire A Static For Your Self-Build Project 3

The ideal partner for building projects

Greater financial value compared to normal rental options may be the main consideration of choosing statics for your project, but another very important benefit is staying on-site during the building project.

This can positively impact:

  • productivity
  • your daily routine
  • security 

Being on-site can be a fantastic opportunity to deal with progress reports and inspections, take deliveries and perform odd jobs and complete work yourself during your free time. You’ll be able to spot small issues and problems and solve them before they become bigger obstacles. You’ll be able to make design changes where required as the project progresses, make choices over fittings and materials and generally keep in touch with your home, neighbours and normal routines. 

You can keep the same address, keep your children in the same schools, go to the same shops, etc – you won’t need to uproot your life whilst your build takes place.

Staying on-site is also secure as you won’t need to invest as much into security fencing and CCTV. A static caravan on-site deters burglars and allows you to quickly report and respond to any issues or suspicious activity. 

Why You Should Hire A Static For Your Self-Build Project 4

Which type of static is best for you?

There are many to pick from and it depends on the level of comfort you prefer and how many people will be living in the model. The most popular statics are single units with one or two bedrooms, but if you’re a larger family, twin units will afford much more space and normalcy for the build.

Double glazing and central heating are also good options to look for as they will save you money on energy costs, but will come at a more premium sale or rental price. If your budget allows, they are definitely recommended.

Trusted brands to research include Delta, Atlas, ABI and Cosalt to name just a few and a model that 3-5 years old would be ideal for temporary accommodation.


Static caravans are excellent choices for home rebuilds and other construction projects, with used models offering fantastic value for money, convenience and a practical way to stay on-site to improve the progress and security of a build project.

Choosing the right caravan involves asking yourself what you need from your accommodation and will ultimately come down to a combination of what you can afford, how long you require it, and how many people will be living in it.

If you’re in the South East, contact N. Doe Caravans for advice and to book appointments to view their range of used static at their showground in Horsham, They will also arrange for transportation and siting within 50 miles of their grounds for static rental, which reduces stress further.


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