There are good reasons why moving is a stressful event, and most of them are actually about the process of packing and transporting your belongings. Moving companies are there to ensure that the whole relocation process runs smoothly, that your stuff arrives safely at a new address, and that nothing is damaged along the way.

People who want professional help during the move or want the entire relocation process finished as soon as possible, often opt for full moving assistance. This is usually a costlier option than hiring movers just for transportation. What you’ll get with the full-service option, find out at this link.

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You should start the moving process long before the movers arrive at your door. Cleaning and protection of the furniture may not be included in the services provided by the agencies. Also, no one can better declutter your home than you and organize your belongings. 

Decide What to Do with Your Stuff

No one knows better than you on what kind of belongings you have in your house. Moving is an ideal opportunity to decide what you really need and what takes up space for nothing. You cannot leave this task to the professionals, because it is up to you to decide whether something should be thrown, donated, or kept.

You can bring things you won’t need in your new home in the garage or basement. Sort them into the ones you want to give to someone, the ones you will sell, and the ones you’ll throw away. Call friends, relatives, and neighbours to help you with this. A garage sale is also an excellent idea for how to get rid of unnecessary things and earn some extra cash.

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Make Room for Movers

Before a moving van or truck arrives, be sure to check there is a place where they can park. Inform the agency if they need to leave their vehicle away from the location. It often happens in cities, especially with people who live in flats near the city centre. 

If vehicles can’t approach the building, try to arrange temporary parking for them, at least while loading. Movers can bring down all your stuff first, and then drive the vehicle in front of the entrance. Inform the tenants of the building of your intentions so that there is no problem.

Make a good estimate of the routes in your home that movers will use when packing and bringing your belongings out. Remove any obstacle that can disturb their work. Be sure to measure the doors, staircases, and openings of the elevator. 

If you can’t bring out bigger pieces of furniture through narrow openings or there are sharp corners, you must inform the agency and find alternative ways. For example, moving companies in Annapolis area will disassemble bulkier stuff or bring them out through windows.

How to style a new home, from new builds to renovations we've got some great tips for home interior modern styling | The Jura Showhome from Miller Homes The Paddocks development in Longframlington | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Pack Little Things

The little things you kept on the shelves, wall decorations, figurines, and souvenirs, you can pack them yourself. That will significantly facilitate the work of professional movers, who need to be in charge of larger pieces of furniture and things that require special packaging and transportation.

Be sure to take away all valuables, documents, and smaller electrical appliances (laptop, camera). These should go in your personal luggage. You can leave these things in a safe until the packing is complete, or you can entrust them to someone you trust.

Be There

No matter that you leave packing and carrying your stuff to the professionals, it is advisable that you should be at home on the day of their arrival. If you have prepared everything before, you do not have to do anything else, but you can give subsequent instructions to movers. 

If you still have urgent obligations on moving day, at least be there when the movers arrive, to provide them with some basic guidelines. Don’t forget to notify them about potential problems (like holes in the floor, unprotected cables protruding from the wall). You can take some photos before their arrival, just in case.

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The job of movers is to make it easy for you to pack and transport your stuff. But you can do some things to make them work without interruption. Doing some preparation on your own can save you time, money and speed up the entire relocation process.


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