Glass is a great way to open up your home to more light when looking at designing your home. Especially in terms of making rooms look bigger and less oppressive. Then the use of glass is paramount to achieving this as well as creating a more luxurious look to your home.

4 Ways How To Use Glass To Create A More Luxurious Home 1

First and foremost you must seek out and find one of the UK toughened glass suppliers. Research their portfolio (can they add supplying the glass to The Shard in London to their repertoire?) as you’ll want a professional service and toughened glass to match. Call in the experts so that you end up with a perfect finish with great aftercare services too.


Adding a conservatory to your home is a great idea if you’re looking to increase the space. Without making the adjoining room darker. This can also add value to your home if you’re to sell at a later date. Where budgets allow, it is worth spending a little bit more on a full glass roof and metal trimmings as opposed to PVC windows. This gives a more luxurious look and is long-lasting too.

4 Ways How To Use Glass To Create A More Luxurious Home 2

Glass extensions

Much like conservatories and orangeries adding a glass extension to your home is a great way to extend an existing room and opening it up to more light. This can be done both upstairs and down. I think that master bedroom glass extensions are super gorgeous. And give that hotel floor to ceiling window feel. Which is even more perfect if you’ve got a great view to look on to.

4 Ways How To Use Glass To Create A More Luxurious Home 3

Bifold or sliding doors 

These are totally in vogue. Especially in kitchens right now and not only add a bit of luxe living they also create a larger looking living space. It is entirely personal preference as to bi-fold or sliding doors. However, make sure that to achieve the desired look of creating a luxury hotel-style in your home you utilise the entire wall. 

Floor to ceiling windows

There’s nothing that adds a bit of Hollywood glamour like floor to ceiling windows. Just make sure you get Alexa connected to your drapes for that Las Vegas, wow feel!. Windows like this not only elongate your room. They give the illusion that it is larger with higher ceilings. This is because the flow of light rushing into your room highlights all of the notable points in the room.

If you’re looking to use glass to open up your home, create a bigger looking space and emulate a luxury hotel-style then these 4 simple tips can help. If you’ve got another tip on how to use toughened glass to create more light in your home. Let me know below.

4 Ways How To Use Glass To Create A More Luxurious Home 4


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