Technology Difference: Women vs Men 

There’s no denying the fact that technology has come a long way when it comes to our reliance on it. Though if one were to take a closer look, one finds that a distinct pattern occurs when comparing technology with respects to gender. Studies show that gender plays a crucial role in the way we relate or perceive technology. One is likely to find a man in search of love on a Jain matrimony site as opposed to a woman. 

As a Career Choice 

One finds that men greatly outnumber the women who make a living from inventing or managing technology. At the surface, one might be quick to go with the option that men are smarter than women. And with technologically inclined careers needing individuals to be knowledgeable in Maths, Electronics, etc, then it’s only natural that men dominate the tech workforce. Studies prove this to be false, women are the smarter of humans. 

Why then do women not dominate the world of tech? The answer to this lies with women’s interests in jobs that offer human contact or help others out. Men, on the other hand, have a different outlook, with most being fine with jobs which centre on inanimate objects.  

Purchasing Technology 

Men go all-in when it comes to gadgets. A man’s love for his gadgets almost has no bonds just like a couple in blissful Buddhist matrimony. He’s more likely to purchase a gadget without much regard to its value. Women, on the other hand, tend to consider the value of a technological product before making a purchase decision. 

A lady also spends more time researching an item as opposed to a man. With the high-value smartphones bring to the table, it’s of little wonder why more women own one in the US than men. 

Rise of Smartphones

The appearance of smartphones has thrown conventional means of completing tasks out the window. Analyzing mobile phone usage also props up some amazing and surprising stats on the use of technology by a different gender. 

In the world of gaming, one would be quick to think men, rather than women would be the ones spending more time playing games. Research proves that women are the true gamers as far as smartphones are concerned. Women also spend more time surfing through social networks. So high is their dominance in this, that of the major social platforms men can only boast of having a higher standing on LinkedIn. 

When it comes to smartphone usage one only observes men play catch up in every area safe for the following activities:

  • Playing Media
  • Shopping
  • Reading the News 
  • Dating 

The fact that gender plays a role in the use, as well as the perception of technology, is unmistakable. Though it’s safe to say these differences are becoming less profound with technological advancement. 


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