If you’re flying to a long-haul destination it’s often a hotly contested subject as to what you should wear to fly. Some airlines have a strict dress code. For example, when I flew to Qatar there were no sneakers or loungewear allowed. All passengers were to dress smartly. However not all airlines are like this.

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Of course, when you’re spending 6 hours or more on a plane then you want to be comfortable. This is your main priority, however, you can still do this whilst looking good. Usually, there are no rules when it comes to dressing for flying. However, these handy tips will help you enjoy your flight.

Choose your pants wisely

When in the air the pressure can have an adverse effect on your body. Sometimes you can bloat. Especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol before or during your flight. Whilst jeans may seem like the smarter option. If your stomach swells then you may feel like you’ll need to unfasten your top button. Why not wear something a little comfier like mens jogging bottoms, yoga or track pants or smart loungewear?

What is the best outfit to wear when flying long-haul? 1

You don’t have to compromise on style. You can select cute pants that have a bit of give in them and will allow you to kick back and relax a little more. Breathable and stretchy material is the best option when flying long-haul.

Prepare for a change in temperature

Being on a flight for a long time especially changing from morning to night and vice versa will also bring slight changes in temperature to your cabin. These may only be slightly noticeable. However, if you’re too warm or too cool you’ll want to adjust your clothing adequately. Make sure you wear a top that you can layer so that if you are too warm you can take layers off. Also, make sure you have enough layers to stay warm. If you’re feeling a chill too. Pack a sweater, cardigan or even a wrap in your carry on bag to prepare for this.

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Compression socks

Even if you’re a seasoned traveller you should always wear compression socks Deep Vein Thrombosis is a real threat when flying and compression socks help improve blood circulation and prevent DVT. If you don’t want to wear them to and from the airport, throw them in your bag and pop them on before take-off.

Regardless of which long-haul outfit you end up choosing, keep in mind that it is also the outfit, you’ll be arriving in. You also could potentially be stuck in this for 24 hours or more if you suffer a delay or your luggage gets lost. So remember to prepare by making your outfit comfortable yet practical.

Have you any other tips for what to wear for flying long-haul? Drop a comment below


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