If you are moving to London to work or study. Or if you have lived there and are looking to relocate somewhere you don’t know well, the sheer size of the city can make it seem like a single big mass. You may also feel as if it doesn’t really matter where you live because you’ll be on the tube all the time no matter what you do.

However, when you have the challenge ahead of you of living somewhere new, it is well worth taking time to get a sense of the possible areas you could live in. To choose the best one for you. Finding the right area can save you time and money on travel, rent and important utilities.

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Travel from your new work to your potential living locations, and back again

If you are choosing between a few different areas to live in and the only thing which is definite is where you will be working. Try starting at your new workplace and travelling to and from the areas where you are considering living. This should give some sense of the commute you would be dealing with every week. Compare the different commutes available to different neighbourhoods. And try walking around the streets near different transport hubs stations you want to live near.

London has an incredibly well-connected transport network. But it is always worth trying out the commute. To see how efficient the journeys you are now going to make most often are.

When trying to decide where to live in London, it pays to travel 1

While this is not practical per individual property, as they often do not hang around long enough for you to try this method. Especially rentals, having a sense of what to expect from a neighbourhood can inform how positively or negatively you feel about any particular property.

This can make the difference between settling for a flat slightly less nice than you are accustomed to. Essentially, because you know it will offer a more relaxing commute. And choosing to take a flat you find quite nice then finding that it will take notably longer than you want to travel to work from your new location.

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Research the local utilities 

Having the services you need within walking distance can pay surprisingly powerful health dividends over time. If you are able to walk to the services you need in everyday life this can have a large positive effect on your mood and reduce your level of stress. One of the best things to have in walking distance. Which should especially be an option in London as a metropolis, is a shop for all your basic needs. This can free you up from some stress. As you will know you can always get the things you need last minute.

However, beyond having shops nearby. Other things it can be good to have in walking distance include a library, coffee shop, and health professional. For example, if you live in Balham you are best served by having a dentist in Balham. Being able to walk to these services you attend more rarely is less essential. But it can offer an extra level of security and comfort.


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