When it comes to increasing your home’s value, it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands building an extension in order to maximise your property’s value. A little creative thinking can go a long way to adding some extra pounds to the sale price.

There are lots of ways to increase your home’s value for less and we’ve put together five key ideas to help get you started. ​

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1. Get painting to increase your home’s value

It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to transform both the interior and exterior of your home. Adding a new coat is one of the most inexpensive ways to make the property look fresh and exciting once more. Be careful with your choice of colours, however, as if you are putting it on the market for sale having lurid pink or purple interiors allows prospective buyers to chip away at the price. Instead, go for neutral colours as it makes the space look clean and accentuates the size of the room.

Creams, whites and greys are great tones and keeping everything neutral will help potential new owners to visualise living in the new space.

2. How to pay for the changes

If money is tight, or you are on a low income, even finding a few hundred pounds can be tough. One option available could be to take out a short term loan to fund small changes to your home. It’s a short-term investment that will enable you to make the small changes you need and could offer great returns if it helps to boost the value of your home. You can pay it off in small instalments, and don’t forget to make sure the company is FCA approved before committing to a loan. 

Alternatively, you can see what paints and bits and pieces you have lying around and utilise these in your home improvement.

3. Make a welcome entrance

When it comes to viewing a new property, many people make their minds up within the first few minutes. The curb appeal – how it looks from the outside – goes a long way to influence that. Paint the front door, or buy a new one if needed. Fix any problems with the numbers and letterbox. If you have a front garden, clean it up and add a couple of easy-to-manage pot plants to make it look more attractive. These small changes can go a long way to sustaining the value of your home.

4. Remove junk and clutter

Over time it’s natural that we collect possessions we no longer have a use for. However, finding the energy to have a clear out seems like way too much hassle. But removing clutter will create more space and make rooms look larger. It also depersonalises the space and allows prospective buyers to imagine how the property will look with their possessions and ideas in place once they have moved in.

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5. Fix and repair

If you’ve made an impression outside, you’ll want to do the same inside. Take the time to repair and fix any broken door handles, shelving units and any other fixtures and fittings. Cracks and chips in the wall should also be filled in and painted over so they do not look like eyesores. This is especially true when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, as these are two key rooms that need to be in good shape in order to increase the price of a property. 

The kitchen and bathrooms in your home should be made to look brand new and exceptionally clean. So make sure you scrub any black marks away to increase your home’s value before selling.


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