Custom printed badges are a powerful yet affordable tool for a business to promote themselves. Getting optimum exposure and advertising their offerings. Making their customers and prospective customers more aware of their brand. They can be used in several ways for promoting brands, campaigns, or a particular message. Some of those ways include being used as freebies for loyal customers. For identifying a company’s employees at a function. Or as promotional name badges within the business premises to present a professional appearance.

Ways of accessorising custom badges for promotions

Custom badges can be accessorised for promotions in the following ways:

Adding name tags to custom printed badges for events

Businesses seeking to use custom badges for promotions can agree with the badge’s designer on the creation of printed name tags. This is to get impeccable custom badges or conference badges.

Using coloured printed pin buttons

These are the most fashionable of the personalised print badges. Because it is now possible to choose from a variety of colours or design. So that they appeal to the intended wearers. These badges are meant to be pinned on things or worn to give a trendy look.

Accessorising Custom Printed Badges for Better Promotions 1

Using lanyards

Custom name badges can be accessorised with lanyards to have them at displayed strategically for security reasons and for ease of putting on and removing. Especially for visitors. Lanyards are perfect accessories for badges because they can match with many clothes or uniforms. And can be made in different colours and styles. Lanyards can even be branded with a company’s name, colours, and tag line.

Using badge reels

Badge reels are designed to clip onto clothing. The beauty of these accessories is that they allow badges, especially name badges, to be positioned anywhere on the clothing. Usually where the user deems most comfortable and convenient. Some of the places where the badge reels can be clipped include on the shirt or jacket lapel, pants pocket, or shirt pocket.

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Where accessorised printed badges can be used for promotions

After having looked at the various ways of accessorising badges, here are some of the places where you can use custom printed badges and their accessories. Alongside other promotional materials to increase brand awareness:

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Many schools, colleges, universities, and other learning institutions get custom badges, especially ID name badges. Some also use tailored lanyards for several purposes. Like identification and to portray unity as an institution. It is also common to find some of these institutions having limited edition badges, name tags, button pins, or other things. These are often used in commemoration of important events or to use them as parts of memorabilia gifts or souvenirs for forthcoming events like graduations.


Tradeshows present a great opportunity to hand out printed custom badges, colourful personalised lanyards, and pin badge buttons. So that companies and other organisations can flaunt their logos or taglines. Another way to give them out is to attach customised printed badges to the product promotions and other promotional tools. In order to raise the customers’ curiosity and interest in the brand or company.


It is common to see people, mostly staff, wearing customised name badges, printed lanyards, and other printed custom badges within the company premises or office area. It is a requirement for many employers for their employees to wear these items. Especially uniformed ID name-tags or tailored name badges attached to a lanyard in the company colours, as part of their office attire or uniform.

Accessorising Custom Printed Badges for Better Promotions 2


Printed custom badges as promotional tools effective yet very affordable. Companies can make great and unique custom printed badges. So that every recipient of a pin button or printed badge can be a proud wearer of the company’s logo, slogan, or marketing message. These custom printed badges offer a unique approach to promoting the company’s product or brand.

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