Fishing is a great hobby that many men and women enjoy. Read more about fishing in this link here. They can head down to the fishing hole on weekends and catch up with their friends while catching trout at the same time. This activity is a great way to forget about the busy life in the cities and gives people time to relax.

If you are a beginner, prepare the right tools that will make fishing easier. There are guides on how to choose the right casting reels and rods that can help you choose the ones that will suit you best. Read on to find more.

A Guide to Casting Reels

Gear Ratio

The performance of the reel is dictated by the gear ratio. The three ratios are low, medium, and high.

Low gears are suitable for swimbaits that are heavier compared to other baits. The slow reaction from the low gears can help you put more torque and balance on the bait so that it moves along with your boat.

Medium gears are best for beginners since it sucks up the line quickly and it can handle heavy baits at the same time. 

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High gears take the line really fast. It is the fastest among the three and it is ideal for fishing on rd tips. This is when you actively jerk the baits as you move along the lake. Plastic worms and frogs are ideal for high gears.

The Diameter of the Spool

The diameter matters when you are fishing on large bodies of water. The diameter handles the amount of line that the reel can keep. This is ideal if you are going on a fishing trip for weeks. You can use this when you are aiming for big fishes where a lot of yards of lines are needed. 

The fluorocarbon types of lines which can easily coil up can benefit from the wider diameter. Gradual movements of lines when you wrap it can easily counter those that are easily coiled up. 

Ball Bearings

The materials used to make the reel play a role in how smooth it will be. Ball bearings that are part of the material are the ones responsible for the smoothness of the fishing line. The more ball bearings, the expensive it will be, the better your casts as a result.

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Most of the composite materials used are magnesium and aluminium. The classic standard is magnesium. For beginners, many opt to get aluminium as they are easier to manoeuvre and they are cheaper. Both of the materials are durable and light on the hands. 

For beginners, the best choice will be materials made up of composites or aluminium that have 6 to 7 ball bearings. Those are quality reels but you won’t spend as much. The price range can be from $50 up to $2,000.

Tension and Braking System

The tensions and braking systems are very important factors when choosing a casting reel. The tension refers to the line that comes back when you begin to cast. If the dial of the tension is tight, then you won’t be able to effectively lower the bait on the lake.

The braking system is an important factor since it will slow down the fishing line. Brakes will prevent backlash or bird’s nest in when you cast. The line won’t exit very fast as you cast your bait on the water. When you do wind casting, braking is very important. It will stop the bait just a short distance from its range.

Selection Guides for Beginners


If you buy a reel, you need to find as many small bearings as you can. If you are a beginner, a maximum of 6 bearings can be more than enough. You might notice some differences above this number but you can buy 7 and up if you do want to have smoother casting. Do not buy 1 to 2 bearings as you can have trouble casting. Instead, you can settle for 3 to 5 if you don’t want to spend too much.

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Anti-Reverse and Drag Gears

Know where the settings of the drag are located. They can typically be found near the spool. If you have caught a large fish, you can easily win the fight if you see the drag settings in front of the spool.

The drag system should be very sensitive. Do not settle for cheap ones that have poor drag system. Get more options with the best spinning reels that have anti-reversal bearings on the right website. You might not be able to catch a salmon if your drag is not adjustable. 

There should be also an anti-reversal system so that your line won’t go in reverse if you pull it. The reversal can be bad for fishing since it will reverse with any form of pull that you do on the line.

Spool Diameter and the Ratio of Gear

The ratio of the gear is defined as the total number of rotation your spool does in a complete rotation. The diameter of the spool is also its width. If you have a larger diameter, the line that will be accumulated will be longer. Generally, it takes about 40 inches of a line that the reel can handle on every turn.


You have to consider the frames of the reel carefully. You should get aluminium or metal as they are more durable than plastic ones. Why don’t you can also consider carbon fibre as the material for the frame?

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Check the cranking arm handle and choose the one that will not bend no matter how much pressure they will take. Do not buy a crank handle that you can bend with your hand. Check the stem that connects the rod to the reel. If this can be flexed, then it is a great choice. 

Choosing the best reels takes time. Ask questions to professional anglers to see what suits them best. You can also try several reels and place them on your rod to see which one will work best. The best ones should not feel too slow or too fast. If you catch freshwater fish, your reel should be easy to manoeuvre.


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