Ah, the good old bucket list. There’s a reason why most of us have one – it can be highly satisfying to write, and then tick off, key experiences. And is there anything more worthwhile than travel? If you’re looking for a new must-see place, why not choose Liverpool? 

3 Reasons to Put Liverpool on your Travel Bucket List 1

Let’s explore why this is an ideal holiday destination. 

Cultural charms

There’s a reason why Liverpool was voted the European Capital of Culture in 2008: from its gardens to galleries, it’s home to some of the best cultural gems on the continent.  While the iconic William Brown Street hosts an array of delights, including the Walker Art Gallery – whose works span Rubens to Hockney pieces – the World Museum, and the historic Empire Theatre. 

3 Reasons to Put Liverpool on your Travel Bucket List 2

Head down to the waterfront, and you’ll find the Tate Liverpool, with its various contemporary art displays. If museums aren’t your thing, though, don’t worry. You can always escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a stroll around St. John’s Gardens, with its vast green gardens and ornate statues. 

Luxury accommodation 

Liverpool is widely known as a luxury holiday spot – and it’s easy to see why. Select the right lodgings, and you won’t just be impressed; you’ll be amazed. Most accommodation providers in the city are keen to provide the highest level of quality to all their guests.

3 Reasons to Put Liverpool on your Travel Bucket List 3

Serviced apartments in Liverpool, for example, are designed with one focus in mind: the customer. Equipped with premium furniture and facilities, they guarantee maximum ease and comfort during your trip. Likewise, a number of hotels in the city will be able to offer similar perks.  Select a venue close to the city’s main attractions, and you’ll be more likely to enjoy stress-free travel during your trip. 

Birthplace of modern rock 

It’s hard to talk about Liverpool without diving into its rich musical heritage and – of course – The Beatles. You’ll no doubt already know that this is where the band began to shape the world of modern popular music over 60 years ago. Ask almost any Liverpudlian, and they’ll be proud to claim their home city as the birthplace of contemporary rock. 

3 Reasons to Put Liverpool on your Travel Bucket List 4

If you’re an avid fan of the genre, the Fab Four or both, why not head down to The Beatles Story? This is a permanent exhibition dedicated solely to the lives and collective works of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Thanks to its recreations of the major locations in the band’s career – such as Cavern Club and Abbey Road studios – it gives a clear insight into how their music has majorly influenced British society. 

3 Reasons to Put Liverpool on your Travel Bucket List 5

Or you could just head to the iconic Penny Lane on one of the many Beatles tours operating there. If you want to save money, you could always arrive there on foot. In addition to the barbershop that’s referenced in the titular song, you’ll find a range of independent shops and eateries. 

Unique, friendly and varied, Liverpool is an epic place of adventure. Why don’t you make your next stop on your travel bucket list? 

3 Reasons to Put Liverpool on your Travel Bucket List 6


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