Japan is an incredibly vibrant country, with cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. Amazing visitors with ultramodern spaces and futuristic technology that blends with traditional buildings and style. Which really sums up Japan all over. 

When you are planning your trip to Japan there is just so much to see that it can become completely overwhelming. If you go to All Japan Tours they can help you narrow down what you can to see in the time you have available. However, if you work out what type of vacation you want, you will find it easier to ensure that you cover your bucket list in true style. 

History and Culture

If you are the sort of person who comes alive in museums and thrives when they are immersed in another culture, Japan can cater to your every desire. Japan has a rich culture and traditions that go back thousands of years. And much of this has been well preserved to this day. Japan still has castles that have been functional for years. As well as ruins like the Takeda Castle Ruins which provide an amazing opportunity for visitors to bask in Japanese history. 

In Japan, you will find that much of the culture stems from adherence to traditions. So history and culture go hand in hand. Even when you are looking at the very technologically focused futuristic displays. You can see the history that seeps through and which shaped the Japanese way of thinking. There is a very “Japanese-ness” to their technology. 

They have some of the world’s fastest public transport. Yet it may seem that this speed is used so that they can take more time drinking tea. Certainly, the traditional tea drinking ceremony is an experience not to be missed. Allowing the weary traveller to put some harmony and balance back into their life. 

From Samurai’s to Sumo wrestlers, Japan allows the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a new and vibrant culture if you do so desire. 

An Adventuring Experience

If your idea of a great holiday involves more physical activity that walking around castles and ruins require. Then Japan is still your place to be. From learning to be a Samurai warrior at “samurai school”, to trecks or camping that bring you close to snow monkeys and ussuri bears. There are also some amazing cycle routes. Which if you plan your trip well may see you ending the day in a public hot spring.

Japan is also a perfect location if you enjoy snorkelling or diving. With temperate waters boasting a variety of underwater life for you to discover. 

However, if you have ever seen a Japanese game show, you know that the Japanese work incredibly hard, but they also play even harder. Sandboarding down the beach dunes is one of the more sedate possibilities that you could enjoy. Or you could enter the world of MarioCAR and drive like a mad thing in a Mario Game go-kart.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Or Step Into It

Japan seems to be a country where someone has an idea at 3 am, and rather than dismissing it and going back to sleep, puts it into action. They are the home of animal cafes, where you can enjoy your cup of coffee while patting a cat, or six, or go to a cabaret show where all the dancers are androids

There is a dining experience (and they are true experiences) for every taste. From fine dining at a mad hatters’ tea party, or be thrilled by the macabre at the Vampire Café. Of course, if you have ever said that you will need a coffee bath in order to wake up. Japan has got you covered, or if you prefer, you could take a spa in wine or even Raman noodles (that would be at the Yunessun Spa Resort).

Planning a trip to Japan? Before you head on your Japanese Vacation you might want to discover some of the different experiences the country has to offer. | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Honestly, there is a themed restaurant or café for almost any desire. And if there isn’t, it is probably only because no one has suggested it yet. You might be the person to get a new one started. 

Sake and Sleep

The experience of a sake tasting can leave you not too keen to do anything exciting the next day. So this might be the perfect time to experience one of Japans more interest forms of travellers’ accommodation. The capsule hotels, the space-saving designs that provide you with a bed in a box, and little else. 

Japan is a country full of experiences, just waiting to be enjoyed by the traveller willing to try new things. 

Planning a trip to Japan? Before you head on your Japanese Vacation you might want to discover some of the different experiences the country has to offer. | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog


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