What does a tropical paradise mean to you and yours? Suppose someone brought paradise to your back door! Some people must change their lifestyle to improve their physical and psychological health. Others work to live a better lifestyle for their partners and children. And, even more, have just decided “enough is enough!” It is possible to find that dream closer and more attractive and affordable than you think now.

5 steps to change your lifestyle

Admittedly, you can’t change your future with a snap of your fingers. You can’t wish it into existence. Rather, it takes some research, planning, and imagination. 

Assess your present situation and future wishes.

Writing for Inc.com, Lolly Daskal recommends, “Address the choices you’ve made in the past and change the choices you’ll make in the future. Life is made up of choices — some we regret, some we’re proud of, some that will hurt us. Everything in your career and your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want different results, start making different choices.”

Is It Possible to Change Your Lifestyle and Live in a Tropical Paradise? 1

It is dramatic to realise how much control you have over your present and future once you realise you are working for your own best interests. This realisation helps you reorganise your planning and actions toward a more relaxed, enterprising, and/or creative lifestyle opportunity.

Make things better early.

If your self-assessment discovers weaknesses and failures, you should push them behind you. Some may require restitution, you should do your best to make things right. If some need elimination, you can choose better options. But success never denies failure. It swallows and metabolises failure into new energies. Only can make something valuable out of your mistakes.

What you can do is analyze your mistakes, Analysing failure helps you reduce the chance of repeating them. But it also helps you restructure your approach to choices. For instance, thinking over any visit you’ve made to a tropical paradise will improve your next visit. If yours is an urban experience, perhaps waterfront life would fulfil your dreams. If you’ve been a professional, maybe it’s time to get away for good or for a seasonal rest.

Is It Possible to Change Your Lifestyle and Live in a Tropical Paradise? 2

Get some help. 

You do not live in a vacuum. Everything about your current lifestyle affects others. So you should bring them into your wheelhouse. Changing a lifestyle takes time, commitment, and sacrifice, so securing support from family, friends, and others within your network of contacts can be a big help. It might be a change of address to you, but it can have larger impacts on others.

You should measure how your decisions will involve your spouse, children, and business partners. And, they deserve a share in the information you are processing and the plans you are drawing up. For most folks, even life in tropical paradise isn’t fun on your own. As you share your plans, you surrender some ownership in exchange for their understanding and support.

Visualise your future in detail. 

It helps to draw an actual picture of your future and the paths to get there. You don’t have to be an artist to sketch out your vision. You can add some palm trees, water, and other details. When you’re done, you have some real idea of what you’re looking for in a home community.

Your tropical paradise does not require an island or isolated resort when you can find a new lifestyle with a little research. Your new lifestyle may get you away but not too far away. It might mean a clean sapphire lagoon instead of an ocean’s turmoil. Or, maybe you want a tropical escape where you can still remain connected through technology. You cannot plan or budget that change without a picture.

Push the envelope. 

You should not be afraid to extend yourself. As you age and responsibilities change, it’s your right, to be honest with yourself and speak out with a new transparency. You may not be tied down with the responsibilities you have had all your life.

There comes a time when it’s good for your mental and physical health to break your habits, big and small. There’s a thrill in taking a risk, doing something you have dreamed of, and/or making change happen. There’s even a time to move on from things you have enjoyed in the past, perhaps switching from hunting to fishing, skiing to kayaking, or city to beach.

Is It Possible to Change Your Lifestyle and Live in a Tropical Paradise? 3

Making big moves

Changing your present life for a life in a tropical paradise, it takes time. There’s financial and social planning to do. People must plan to afford their tropical paradise. But there are locations nearer than you think. People must reorganise their work lives to prepare for retirement or the option to move your work with you. And, people must consider their current value, how to optimize it, and trade it for future values.

Planning isn’t something you have to do alone. Financial counsellors, realtors, tax advisers, and other professionals can help analyse your situation and structure plans to launch your lifestyle change. But today’s tropical paradises are not just for retirees. Young families, empty nesters, and a wide variety of teachers, lawyers, doctors, and office workers can find affordable homes with all the amenities the tropics have to offer. 

There’s Hawaii, of course, Fiji, and Caribbean islands. Mexico and Central America, even South American destinations like Quito have their share of tropical resorts as do coastal living locations in Southern California and Florida. But developers are now bringing coastal living to locations where the lifestyle is more affordable and achievable. 

Psychology Today reports, “The goals you set matter more than most of us realize.”There is no age limit on making the personal change that improves your life as well as those who depend on you. One advantage to a tropical paradise is the ability to grow through it. That is, coastal living can enhance every phase of your life. It’s a climate and backdrop for a better life.


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