You might have heard about micro-suction ear wax removal. Seen adverts for it or even been recommended it by a friend or family member. If you are not entirely certain what it involves and would like to know more. But are concerned it might be an uncomfortable or complicated procedure then you might want to read on and see just how micro-suction ear wax removal could be beneficial for you. Whether you are looking for ear wax removal in London or any other part of the country then this information should help you decide if it is the right option for you.

What is micro-suction ear wax removal?

Microsuction ear wax removal is a procedure during which the wax in your ears is removed using gentle suction. The procedure is carried out by a trained professional and takes just a few minutes. Whether you have hard, soft or even impacted ear wax, this is a comfortable and effective treatment that can be really beneficial. In fact, the only discomfort that people really report having with the procedure is the noise of the suction device. This may be a little discomforting. However, as it only lasts for such a short while it doesn’t cause too many problems.

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During the procedure, the thin suction device is inserted gently into the ear in order to remove the wax. The procedure is carefully monitored through a microscope to ensure that all the wax is removed. No damage is done to the delicate surfaces of the inner ear and that there is no contact made with the eardrum.

What are the benefits?

There are a great many benefits to be had from micro-suction ear wax removal/ The first of which is that your ears will be free from the heavy or impacted wax build-up that can be uncomfortable and may even cause issues with your hearing.

Unlike other types of ear wax removal, it is highly unlikely that you will need to use any ear drops to prepare your ears for this type of procedure. Which means that there is no need to factor in any preparation, and then remember to do it. This means that you can make an appointment at your convenience. And have any ear wax issues you are having sorted out as soon as possible.

Unlike other forms of ear wax removal, micro-suction ear wax removal does not involve the use of liquids. This makes it far less messy than other ear wax removal procedures. Many people do find the use of liquids to be a slightly uncomfortable part of the procedure. But this can now easily be avoided. This also has the benefit of significantly reducing any chances of infection.

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Thanks to the use of a microscope, the person performing the procedure is able to keep a constant eye on what they are doing every step of the way. Which is what makes it such a safe procedure. So, if you were worried about this aspect of wax removal, then there really is no need to worry with micro-suction.

Unlike other forms of ear wax removal, such as ear syringing or irrigation, micro-suction is a safe option for anyone who has a perforated eardrum or a mastoid cavity.

Where can I get micro-suction ear wax removal?

Another advantage of micro-suction ear wax removal is that there are plenty of different places where you can have the procedure carried out. A number of high street opticians now offer the procedure. As do plenty of independent opticians. It is essential to check that the person conducting the procedure is a trained professional.


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