Travelling to Scotland but you don’t know where to stay? Then you’ve found the right place. This guide is for backpackers who want to spend their weekend into this majestic country. Read on to find more.

Scotland offers a lot of lodgings that prioritise the comfort of tourists from anywhere in the world. There are a lot of great apartments, luxurious hotels, intimate cottages, impressive castles and country houses where one can make himself cosy and warm.

If you want to stay into something unusual there are shepherd huts, yurts, lighthouses, coastal carriages, and tree houses that are available for you. There are also recreations of a broch or a drystone hollow where you might want to spend a lovely evening near the Scottish isles. Below are popular places where tourists usually go whenever they are in Scotland.

Popular Accommodations in Scotland

1. Broch

The word Broch came from the word brough which means fort. You can stay in a place where the roofs are thatched and there are plenty of stone walls around. These traditional blackhouses are common for people who want to experience a more traditional side of the country. Discover more about Brochs here.

There are plenty of Broch that dates back to the 1700s. These are drystone hollows with a walled structure where modern amenities are available. There are added modern comforts for tourists who just want a relaxing holiday in this great country.

2. Castles

You might want to feel like a king or a queen for a week in Scotland. A night or two in one of the castles will make you feel like you are the centre of the kingdom in the olden times. There are castles that have stylish rooms that are located in the centre of cities. There is also deluxe furniture added for tourists who want to sleep on the same bed where kings, queens, and princesses previously slept in.


The castles are set on lush grounds, private lochs, or in mountainous coasts. You can view a lot of landscapes and cattle when you wake up in the morning. If you have Scottish ancestry, one of your ancestors might have lived in the castle where you are and you can get a feel of what it feels like to live in their era.

3. Traditional Cottages

There are some features in Scotland’s cottages that have a different feel compared to other countries. A hearty meal, the fire on the hearth, the local pub near your cottages can add to that feeling that you are away from the cities. 

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The usual cottages have retained the look of the original Scottish accommodations in the old times but they have plenty of features that can make the modern traveller comfortable. You can go to sites such as in order to know more about the attractive and elegant rooms that you can book throughout your stay.

4. Lodges

If you are looking to retreat in the countryside, getting accommodations on lodges and country homes can better fit you. You can view nature and the outdoors anytime you want. There are shooting lodges nowadays that were converted into hotel rooms that offer plush accommodations. In addition to these features, you can enjoy nature trekking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities that can refresh your mind and body.

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5. Stay Inside Farmhouses

You might want to get a taste of authentic farming whenever you visit one of the Scottish farmhouses that dot the countryside. They can offer you a succulent meal, let you harvest fresh produce, and you can eat any meal that is fresh from the farm. You can even practice how to milk cows, take care of livestock, and pet gentle alpacas. Get to know more about farmhouses here.

If you want something unique, then are plenty of farmhouses that can show you the farm life in Scotland. Take a tour in Angus and enjoy fresh plenty of sunlight and fresh air. This will make your stay more enjoyable.

A Final Word about Cottages in Scotland

There are a lot of accommodations and places that you can stay while you are in Scotland. Make sure to do proper research and check them out before booking them. You can find the best accommodation by going to the right website. Aside from the accommodations, it is also very important that you enjoy your stay in this gorgeous country.

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