Holidays are a fantastic event and a welcome break from everyday life. Whether you sit on the sofa catching up on your favourite shows or use the opportunity to travel abroad and explore somewhere new for your next holiday. Holidays can be spent the way you choose. With the people, you want to spend time with and ticking those all-important “to do’s” off your list.

If you are someone that loves all things unusual, mysterious and unsolved, why not travel to somewhere with an unsolved mystery in it’s recent or distant history? Maybe your inquisitive nature will lead you to finally be the one to uncover the missing clue that pieces it all together…

Machu Picchu, Peru for your next holiday?

Nestled high and hidden away in the Andes Mountain in Peru. Machu Picchu is a sophisticated stone-built city. That was constructed over 500 years ago by a race of people known as the Incas. Whether the people of the day lived traditionally in Machu Picchu or simply used it for religious worship and astronomy study is unclear.

However, one of the greatest mysteries of this spiritual place is how this race of people achieved this incredible creation. With no known use of steel tools or even wheels. Yet huge boulders and stones were carried up the mountains and painstakingly carved to fit together. In such a way that it still stands almost untouched and remains structurally sound over half a century later. 

3 Places You May Uncover an Unsolved Mystery on Your Next Holiday? 1

Jack the Ripper, London

This time the mystery is not so much a single place. But a local that lived during the 1800s. The infamous Jack the Ripper. The vicious serial killer who is known to have killed at least five women in a violent rampage that went on for several months.

Before disappearing into the night. While there are plenty of theories to who Jack the Ripper was if you believe the rumours; Scorned royalty? An immigrant butcher? A mad prostitute? No-one so far has been able to confirm the identity of this blood-stained murderer.

Visit the area of London in which the killer was active and take part in one of the wonderful tours that walk you through the streets of terror. Let them retell the story in ways that will leave you hanging on every word…

3 Places You May Uncover an Unsolved Mystery on Your Next Holiday? 2

Nessie, Loch Ness

If you’d not heard of the Loch Ness monster and someone told you there was a ginormous creature living undisturbed in a Scottish loch. You’d probably scoff and tell them not to be silly. Yet for centuries, the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster has seen thousands of people flock to the shores of the Loch Ness. To try and catch a glimpse of the fabled monster that is thought to reside there. Will it be you on your next holiday?

Several theories exist to the secret behind dear Nessie. Including practical jokes, prehistoric dinosaurs and even a government cover-up conspiracy! The conspiracy suggests Nessie is very real. But the government has left it a secret to prevent bickering between museums in Scotland and England. 

Every city and town has its own mystery or local legends. Sometimes the best way to find out the most interesting things about a location is to ask around the locals that live there when you’re on your next holiday. They are often keen to share in the exciting “secrets” of their hometown. And give you some advice on exploring the local area and the mysteries that surround it.

They can also warn you against anything you shouldn’t be looking into or places that are unsafe to venture. Remember, if you go mystery-chasing on your next holiday, be respectful of those that have lived in the place you visit. Those that live there now and future mystery-chasers that want to go there in the future and most importantly, enjoy yourself! 

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