Many homeowners agree that the most important part of their home is their views and the location. Homeowners will even prefer living in a smaller, confined living space if it meant having a better view. They also place importance on the window design through which they see this view. Every room in your house will instantly be uplifted by beautiful windows and there are so many options to choose from. The first thing you may want to consider is whether your windows need repairs and get them done before you get your new window frames fitted. Below are a few ways that your home’s window design will influence your interiors.

9 ways that window frames will influence your home’s interiors

Healthy living through natural light

Just like green plants, people too need sunlight (Vitamin D) to be healthy. Plants grow well when placed in a room with natural sunlight, however, if the room is not lit up, the plant will inevitably die. Vitamin D is needed for us to grow, and keep our body, mind and spirit healthy. It is the primary source for living healthy. No matter what frame you choose for your window, ensure that the rooms in your home have enough natural sunlight entering in. 

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Windows must compliment the room

If you have the pleasure of designing your home then you may want to take careful note of where you want your windows situated. Then, you must ensure that the window fits in with the area you intend to place it. Consider the best features of your home and enhance them. 

Frame the best view for window design

The satisfaction of waking up to a beautiful view is second to none for some people. However, whether you are into nature or not, you will definitely enjoy waking up to a picturesque view. Windows are not just holes in the wall for air, they bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home. Give this some thought before deciding on where to place your windows. 

Open your ceiling view with skylights

If this is possible in your home, then consider allowing natural light to enter your home through your ceiling, otherwise known as the 5th wall. You can choose to install window treatments over them to control the amount of light entering your rooms. They are an effortless way of allowing light to enter your home and ideal for those with little space for windows on their walls. 

Use different shapes and sizes of windows in your home

You can decide on the shapes and sizes of windows you prefer, so get creative. You can also place these fancy windows at points in your exterior walls that offer the best outdoor views. These windows aren’t just an avenue for sunlight, but also pleasing on the eye. 

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Consider solar glazing

When deciding on which windows you prefer, consider how much heat is gained or lost through the regular glazing. You may opt for solar glazing or windows that will keep UV (ultraviolet) light out of your home. Thus, you will not only be saving on energy costs but also protecting your furniture and belongings from tarnishing due to an increased amount of UV rays. 

Make use of your window wall

You may use your window wall as artwork for your home. Consider the colours and textures outside the room for inspiration on how you should design the room. You may reinvent your interiors by getting inspiration from your outside views. If you have a particularly beautiful view, then it would do you well not to have too many colours in that room. Let the view from the window become the focal point of the room. 

Consider the design of your property first

If you are planning your home in stages then consider how you want your home angled and how this will affect sunlight entering your home. Consider your lifestyles as well, as putting a window in your room where the early sun enters in, is not very wise for a person who may be a late riser. 

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Increased Comfort

Adding a window to the right place in the room is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also increase the level of comfort in your home. Consider the type of window you would like to install and how this will be beneficial for your home in particular.

Carefully consider the above when making the decision about where to place your home’s windows and how to maximise these windows. Remember that the outside of your home is just as important as the inside, and you may want to focus on the most beautiful sights and view for ambience in your home.  

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