Do you have an amazing online business idea that is about to become propelled into reality?  If so, you represent a growing number of individuals who appreciate the simple fact that the Internet is able to provide a host of lucrative opportunities for those who possess the drive and the vision.  Still, we need to take a ground-up approach in terms of embracing the correct marketing strategies.

Before becoming involved with more complicated promotions and even before designing your website to appeal to the average customer, you will need to select a catchy and viable website address.  While it is common to buy domain names, not everyone is familiar with what needs to be taken into account in order to make an informed decision well in advance.

After all, your domain name will serve to reflect the essence of your venture.  It, therefore, makes a great deal of sense if we take a closer look at this concept. 


Judging Books by Their Covers

While a picture will speak 1,000 words, domain names are even more influential in regards to how you will ultimately be perceived.  This is why it is important to adopt a handful of rules.  First and foremost, take some time to brainstorm.  Research potential names in order to discover whether or not they already exist.  Assuming that you have narrowed your list down to five or ten options, what actions should you take next?

Keep in mind that domain names are a very important portion of the SEO process.  Search engines such as Google will be looking for titles which are relevant to the content contained within the website.  Having said this, try to stay away from generic titles if possible.  While “ABC Plumbing” might be easy to come up with, the chances are high that it will not leave a lasting impression upon your visitors.

Think in specifics.  Many modern websites will include location-specific domain titles in order to narrow down their audience base.  Here are two fictional examples of how this can occur:


On a final note, it is always better to use reputable suffixes such as .com or  These tend to be associated with more transparency when compared to other options such as .biz.

What Online Tools can Simplify the Process?

Choosing a proper domain name is actually a bit more complicated than it may initially appear to be.  This is why Shopify has put together a handy cloud-based tool to dramatically simplify the process.  You will be able to immediately tell if the proposed title is available and if it is not, you are thereafter presented with a number of unique options based around the initial syntax. 

This will provide you with the insight and clarity required to make an informed decision.  If you wish to launch your website into the digital heavens, you will first need to establish your presence on earth.

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