Digital specialists in the eCommerce retail space often over-focus on the small percentage of customers that are already in the market to buy. But what if we refocused our attention on the rest via emotional marketing? Is there a way to encourage other visitors to engage more. To subsequently buy more, and increase conversion rates?

The future of eCommerce is found in emotionally-driven marketing, and through using the right language, visuals, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Brands can tell engaging stories that dramatically increase engagement and sales.

Here’s why emotional marketing drives eCommerce.

Focus on Emotions

Technology presents so many ways to measure consumer behaviours like click and bounce rates, A/B testing, hot spots and more. Coupled with customers ordering the latest season’s loafers on their commute. It is easy to see how eCommerce has become more about convenience and less human. This approach to selling and marketing online can only tell retailers so much.

What retailers really need to be measuring to truly understand their customers are emotional drivers. Like impulsiveness, excitement or even anxiety. Putting technical elements to one side for a moment, let’s focus more on those emotional drivers.

Elements like marketing content that tap into the customers’ positivity or pointers like ‘only 1 left in stock’. Which triggers that feeling of urgency. Combining a streamlined website with outstanding content will trigger those emotions that play into purchasing decisions.

In short, the purchasing decisions we make are very rarely based on rational factors. They’re based on how we feel.

3 Reasons Why Emotional Marketing Helps Marketing 1

Understanding Emotional Marketing Consumer Psychology

Our decisions are made using a part of our brain called “System 1”. It is larger and faster than the logic-driven parts of our brain, known as “System 2”. This relies on feelings and emotions to make choices. The most startling truth is we don’t even think our way to logical solutions. Instead, we feel our way to reason.

Emotions are the substrate, the base layer of neural circuitry underpinning even rational deliberation. Emotions don’t hinder decisions. Rather, they constitute the foundation on which they’re made. In today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape, ascertaining the consumer psychology behind your potential buyer is more than a vital condition for success. After all, it’s the emotional strings you pull that consciously or subconscious motivate the buyer to hit the checkout button.

3 Reasons Why Emotional Marketing Helps Marketing 2

Emotions are the primary reason consumers prefer a brand name or shop with a retailer over another. After all, many products we purchase are available as generic brands with the same ingredients and at cheaper prices.

Emotional connections rationalise our decisions to pay more for a brand name product over another somewhat identical product. If the representation consists only of the features and attribute. No emotional connection establishes a link to influence consumer preference and action.

Building Out a Consistent Brand Narrative

The richer the emotional content of a brand’s mental representation as exemplified by the words used to describe the brand, its personality characteristics in packaging/visual imagery and the brand ‘narrative’. The more likely a consumer will buy the product.

This is why smart eCommerce entrepreneurs spend so much time establishing a brand identity. Then creating customer profiles, and building a website, logo and theme to match.

3 Reasons Why Emotional Marketing Helps Marketing 3

Do what you can to invent a consistent narrative for your e-store. This includes everything from designing a free logo via Shopify and Hatchful to market your active-wear brand to building a social media community around your products. The key is to instil some consistency. So that shoppers can feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Hopefully, this article has given you more than enough insight into why emotional marketing drives eCommerce so you can convert more sales. Good luck!  

Emotional marketing can help increase ecommerce sales, find out the tips to growing your revenue | Business advice | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
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