It’s that time of the year where the roads start to ice over. Traffic seems to be never-ending. And we are driving home for Christmas. With the country relying on their cars for longer journeys over this time of year it is imperative to keep safe. Doing so by making sure that your car is fully serviced before making a trip.

When to get my car serviced?

You should have your car serviced annually. Some people prefer to do this alongside their MOT. Whilst others prefer to have their car serviced at a different time of the year. It is however important that you do get your car serviced. Like the tyres, the rest of your car is checked to ensure that it is in full working order. And that it is safe to drive. Getting your car serviced is probably the best gift you can give your family this Christmas. As you can’t put a price on safety.

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Why is car servicing important?

The difference between running smoothly and more fuel efficiently (which costs you less long-term) as opposed to risk breaking down. Then being hit with expensive and unexpected repairs. If minor maintenance isn’t carried out and rectified then it could potentially end up costing a far more than anticipated. If left to become a major issue.

When to service your car 2

Three things which regular servicing does help with however include; boosting safety. Regular oil changes are necessary and whilst this is being changed your mechanic should perform other routine checks to make sure that there are no other underlying issues. This includes checking the breaks, air and cabin filters and air pressure in your tyres. If any issues are discovered they can be easily fixed and you can drive away knowing your car is road safe.

Maintaining the value of the car is very important especially as cars are expensive to purchase and run. Servicing your car annually and maintaining it well between services will ensure that when the time comes to sell. You’re going to get the best price.

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Looking when is best to get your car serviced? Here's our top car care guidance tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Finally, lower running costs. Regular servicing means you won’t be running your car down as other motorists do. Things that make running your car more expensive include frequently running low on fuel. Or driving with tyres that have little to no tread. Or there being no coolant in your car.

How can I look after my car during services?

If you want to look after your car between services, which in turn will probably end up costing you less in the long run. Then make sure that you keep your fuel topped up. Check your tyre pressure monthly (and your tyre treads).

In the UK if your tyre tread is worn your tyres can be classed as illegal and you can face fines and points because of this. Make sure that your tyres are fully adhering to the law. If in doubt check with a local mechanic. Alternatively, you can do the 20p test. If you put a 20p in your tyre’s tread and the outer band of the 20p is obscured then your tyre is legal.  

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As well as these tips, make sure that you check your oil levels monthly and keep your coolant topped up. If you don’t drive that often make sure that you take your car out at least once a week. To keep all of the parts moving so they don’t seize. Stay safe and happy motoring

Looking when is best to get your car serviced? Here's our top car care guidance tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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