Every single year without fail Black Friday becomes even bigger and better. Having made the leap from across the pond, to now becoming a global tradition. Where retailers offer exceptional discounts across a whole range of different industries, from clothing to children’s toys. Electrical to travel and now telecommunications companies are getting in on the action. Black Friday, as you know is a huge part of my November. Annually I take my birthday trip to America which falls around Thanksgiving and subsequently Black Friday.

If you’re not familiar with the origins of Black Friday, think of the Boxing Day sales, but on steroids. These are the crazy sales that proceed the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Which is a celebration to give thanks for all that you are grateful for. This huge celebration (possibly larger than Christmas for most) is a time where the whole of the States has united again with their families for a wonderful celebration. The stores close for the holidays and there’s a huge sense of belonging around this time. Especially as often Americas are strewn across the country, away from family. Travel is crazy, it’s frantic as everybody tries to make it home for the holidays.

Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday of November and subsequently, Black Friday is the following day. With doorbuster deals always to be had.

I can vividly remember one Black Friday in Miami where we switched on the tv to watch the morning news and saw a woman taser another woman in the Walmart because she wanted the last doorbuster TV. We couldn’t believe what we were witnessing. Fortunately, now, Black Friday deals appear a little more relaxed as online stores offer some amazing prices for the entire week leading up to the holidays.

What am I doing this year for Black Friday?

Funny you should ask, I’m going to be spending it at Woodbury Common designer outlet in New York this year picking up clothes, accessories and other goodies at ridiculously insane prices. I have my eye on a new Moncler jacket as a birthday gift to me, from me. Not that I need to justify spending but not only the savings will be spectacular, but I’ll also be able to wear it when I head to Poland at the beginning of December.

Holiday deals

I’m also hoping to go skiing in the New Year so it’ll be ideal for the slopes too. Speaking of skiing in the New Year, I’ve been keeping my eye on ski holiday deals lately and Black Friday will be the perfect time to snap up a great holiday saving.

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One of the great things about the UK catching on to these crazy sales is that holidays are also included and you know that I am partial to a holiday or two. Having already been to Tenerife, Florida, Ibiza, Alcudia and Ireland this year. I’m currently in New York for my birthday and then I’ve one last trip before the year is out. That could all change however if I can snap up a bargain New Year getaway. Bringing in the New Year overseas is so much better than a New Year spent at home!

There are so many great holiday deals that I’ve already seen advertised readily for Friday’s imminent sale that you’d be crazy to miss them. From short European breaks to long-haul destinations such as Las Vegas, Dubai and even Australia. I might (read as will) be tempted to book a couple of holidays to look forward to in 2019.

Black Friday bargains

We tend to use these blackouts as a monumental excuse to complete all of our Christmas shopping which works out so well. It means that we don’t have to go through the trauma of heading to the stores amidst the Christmas rush, although if you’re looking for the impossible gift check out our top tips here.

Different gifts

I am, however, a lover of thinking of quirky and different gifts to give to people. I’m also a believer of stuffification, that is, the art of buying memories and not things. There’s no better gift than travel and that’s why if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, why not book them a getaway?


Shop savvy this year when looking for top travel prices. We’ve found the best resource here for how to get the cheapest flights and holidays, which is worth checking out.

What is on your Black Friday shopping list? I’d love to know or let me know of any amazing deals you’ve found

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