With a small business, you have the decision making power and flexibility to be more environmentally conscious. As your company continues to grow, instilling greener practices now shall make it an easier process. Especially for you to maintain and develop as your business begins to flourish. Opposed to larger businesses who need to change entire processes to adapt to the needs of the planet.

Making alterations to your current small business practices will aid towards sustaining our finite planet from the ever increasing issue of global warming.

With this in mind, below are a few tips for converting your business to green. And how each contributes to helping the planet. Plus you and your team’s health and well-being.

Save The Planet, Your Health and Wellbeing With 3 Small Business Tips For Going Green 1

Making Use Of Nature

Placing various plants around the office and making the most out of any garden and outdoor space you have to promote a greener business. It will also increase health benefits in your workspace.

For example in the office, sometimes the air can become stuffy and sometimes even polluted. Using a variety of plants in the work area will aid towards purifying the air. By reducing carbon dioxide and increasing the humidity.

Also, spoiling your business with an array of plants will provide a tranquil on trend treat to your interior landscape. This is thought to have a positive effect on any individual within your building.

Equally making the most of any outdoor space. Such as a lawn area, garden, patio or balcony to ensure there is an accessible earthy environment for breaks and lunches. This will enable staff to reduce stress levels and improve their productivity.

Rethink Drinks

The drinks you stock up for you (and your staff) make a difference on how green your business is. For instance, instead of purchasing bottled and canned drinks you could invest in a water dispensing machine and use reusable glasses and cups. This will reduce the waste generated from packaging.

Not only will you be saving the planet from more rubbish being piled onto the landfill. Cutting canned and bottled sugary and caffeinated drinks will help to encourage drinking healthier fluids at work. To assess the safety of your water, there are free risk assessment tools online.

Save The Planet, Your Health and Wellbeing With 3 Small Business Tips For Going Green 2

Say No To Paper And Yes To Digital

Deforestation is one of the leading environmental issues of paper production. With 14% of wood harvest across the world used for making paper. Once a rare special commodity, paper is now used for everything from invoices to statements, magazines to newspapers and so on.

With an increasing shift towards using digital as a means to create projects, art, and marketing collateral. Businesses are gradually turning paperless and so can you.

The added benefit to you and your team turning paperless is to decrease the number of filing systems and increase the amount of physical space. Making for easier manoeuvring and reducing the feeling of claustrophobia in the workplace.

Finally, the 3 tips above provide an insight into the benefits of making your small business greener. By taking simple steps towards helping to save the planet and to promote good health and wellbeing for you and your staff.

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