Aldi do it again! With the monumental success of their luxury candle range that dupe Jo Malone’s £45 a shot candle. They released their luxury body care for mother’s day earlier in the year. For the countdown to Christmas, Aldi has now launched their Luxury Countdown to Christmas advent calendar. In the style of, yes you guessed it Jo Malone’s. Priced at £49.99 which is just a fraction of the cost of the sold-out £300 counterpart from Jo Malone. Aldi’s advent was available for pre-order online and launched on 4th November.

There is limited stock available in Aldi stores. However, I managed to get my hands on the luxury calendar and unboxed it to see if it was worth the hype.

Unboxing Aldi’s Luxury Advent Calendar

The substantial boxing is in the signature black and creme and wrapped with a stunning bow. The gift label makes for an excellent gift for a loved one, or you know, yourself. Go on treat yourself you’ve been good this year!

Opening the large box up like wardrobe doors reveals 24 matching drawers, all with black tab to pull open each day’s gift. Starting with number one and going all through to number 24 I opened the luxury advent calendar to reveal each item. If you want to watch the unboxing (and witticisms) just click play below.


If you’re not into the dulcet tones of Minnie Mouse on helium and let’s face it. Who would be? Then here’s a break down of what’s inside.

5 gold rings…

5 luxury candles, these are in some of the classic scents such as Lime, Basil & Mandarin and Peony (highly recommend you watch the youtube video just for the hilarity in the inability of pronouncing Peony properly). These candles are cute and dainty. Larger than a tealight, 52g if you must know. These candles are a great introduction to determining which fragrance is for you.

Admittedly I personally don’t think they throw a strong scent whilst burning, however you may enjoy a less overpowering scent. Therefore these would work perfectly for you.

Through the days you’ll discover 4 luxury hand and body washes. These handy travel/handbag sized hand washes are great for when you’re on the go. And again perfect for if you want to see which scents you enjoy the most. The fragrance is more intense than the candles and the body wash creates a lather when rubbed.

4 calling birds…

4 luxury hand and body lotions are to be discovered too in a collection of scents. With a top tip coming from The Social Media Virgin. Using the lotion prior to applying perfume allows layering for a longer-lasting scent. These hand and body lotions again are great for travel or throwing in your handbag for on the go. The Lime, Basil and Mandarin appears to be the most popular with it’s likeness to Jo Malone’s body lotion and it’s clean, fresh scent.

There are 4 luxury body cremes to be discovered. These small pots introduce the Dark Amber and Velvety Rose, which are from the now intense cologne collection. If you are likening them to the original they’re duped from then you’re looking at the black bottles from the intense range. These body cremes are one of my personal favourites to use after a hot bath. They’re thick yet not too oily on the skin and melt into your skin with leaving behind the perfect scent dancing on your skin.

7…..we weren’t at 7?

Finally 7 luxury eau de toilettes. When Aldi launched their eau de toilette range back in March I was desperate to get my hands on a bottle for the price of just £5.99. However, they were sold out and have been since launch so I’ve never got to test the scents for wearability and power. As a Jo Malone perfume wearer (Myrrh and Tonka in case you’re asking) I know how the perfume lies and how it lasts.

There are 7 15ml bottles included in the luxury advent calendar which include the two intense fragrances Dark Amber and Velvety Rose. I love that the glass bottles are mini versions of the larger bottles and the 7 allow you to get a feel of how they smell and last. They are virtually identical in scent notes and they do last all day. If only I could get my hands on the full-size bottles!

Day 24 is the Pomegranate eau de toilette, at first, I was confused until the scent made its way into my senses. With cloves in the base notes, it did smell almost like Christmas. And I guess that the 24th December is almost like Christmas.

Christmas comes early

If you can get your hands on one of these in an Aldi near you then I certainly recommend doing so as I personally think that the selection is great and it’s fabulous value for money!

Just as a side note; Aldi also have a wine advent calendar in-stores too. Priced at £49.99 it contains red, white, rose and fizz in a small bottle each day. To help you get merry, this Christmas.


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