Breakdowns and accidents on the road are much more common in winter due to harsh, dangerous driving conditions. The colder months bring unique challenges for road users, making it crucial to follow winter driving safety guidelines.

Here, you’ll discover some of the top winter driving safety tips to help keep you safe on the roads.

Consider upgrading your car

Some cars handle winter driving conditions much more effectively than others. Therefore, it’s recommended you consider upgrading your car if your existing model isn’t great at winter driving.

Winter driving tips | how to prepare for Winter | Car blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Another reason to consider upgrading is if your current car needs a lot of repair work. Getting your car ready for winter is essential but if it’s going to cost a small fortune in repairs, investing in a new car from a company such as the AA, maybe your best course of action.

Planning your journey

Once you’re sure you’ve got a reliable vehicle, it’s time to start planning your journey. Icy, snowy and wet conditions can make driving hazardous in winter. Therefore, you’ll need to plan ahead in order to ensure yours and other road users’ safety.

This means setting off earlier, so you can drive slower in hazardous conditions. It also means planning the easiest, safest route.

Winter driving tips | how to prepare for Winter | Car blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Checking the tyres

Ideally, you’ll want to switch to using winter tyres as these give the best grip in icy, wet weather. However, if you don’t plan on switching to winter tyres, there are a few other safety tips you’ll want to follow.

Always make sure the tread on your tyres is at least 3mm. You’ll also want to avoid letting air out of the tyres in the hope of achieving a better grip. This doesn’t actually work and if anything, makes driving in winter much more dangerous.

Basic winter driving safety

When driving in winter, it’s a good idea to keep an emergency kit stored in your vehicle. This should include a torch, shovel, medication, a first aid kit, a phone charger, an ice scraper, extra screen wash and a mobile phone.

As you drive, be sure to keep a greater distance between you and the car in front than you usually would. This is especially true if it’s icy, as it takes much longer for the car to come to a stop. You’ll also want to ensure you have a full tank of fuel. Finally, washing the car frequently to eliminate grit and dirt is also advisable.

Winter driving tips | how to prepare for Winter | Car blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

These are just some of the best winter driving safety tips you can follow. Remember, it’s much safer to drive slower when the roads are wet, icy or snowy so always plan for a longer journey to and from work.


  1. Hi Elle! Very Informative Blog. I really appreciate. I would definitely recommend switching to winter tires as they are the best solution for traction on snow-covered roads. Keep on posting interesting stuff like this.


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