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Many motorists dread the winter season because cold temperatures can wreak havoc on their cars. Did you know that summer weather can also wreak havoc on your car? The dust, high temperatures, high humidity, and dirt that accompany summer can have a toll on the car. If you want your car to function safely and smoothly during the summer, you should prepare it in advance. Below is a car care checklist for Summer:

Service and maintenance

As mentioned earlier, harsh summer conditions can affect the entire car. Taking your car for service and maintenance will ensure that all parts of the vehicle are checked to find out whether they are functioning properly. Any faulty or worn-out parts are then repaired or replaced before they deteriorate. In the process, car fluids are also checked to ensure that their levels are ideal. The fluids are refilled or replenished if need be.

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Tyres fittings repair and maintenance

Summer is a great time to take a road trip. It is advisable to have your tyres checked before taking off because you will be safer if the tyres are in tip-top condition. The technician is able to inspect the tread of the tyres to identify those that are worn-out. If any of the tyres are worn out, they are replaced with new ones. Tyres that require repair or rotation are also identified and acted upon.

The technician also checks whether the tyres are inflated correctly for the ultimate performance of the car. To get good quality car tyres in Dewsberry. Visit Ossett Tyre House now!

Ministry of Transport (MOT) testing

This very important test is done at a registered MOT station by a qualified MOT tester. The test is compulsory and is done annually to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy. The tester examines both the interior and exterior of the car. If any faults are identified, they have to be repaired before an MOT certificate is issued.

It is illegal to drive a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate. If you have been taking your vehicle for regularly service and maintenance throughout the year, then it is easier for it to pass the test. Once you get the certificate, you can be able to get insurance and also renew your road tax.

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There are many consequences of neglecting car servicing and maintenance during summer. For instance, unbalanced tyres can lead to premature wear of the car’s suspension and also cause the tyres to wear out prematurely. Worn-out tyres can be dangerous as they can burst or blowout.

When the tyres are not well inflated, the car performs poorly and consumes more fuel. A neglected car is also likely to fail the MOT test and this can be quite costly as you have to spend more on repairs before booking the test again. In addition, the car’s engine can be damaged if fluids are not refilled or replenished in time.

If you want to save money, ensure your convenience, peace of mind, and safety during summer, it is advisable to take the initiative to have your car checked, serviced, and maintained. Be proactive rather than being reactive. If you follow this car care checklist, you will definitely enjoy driving during the summer.


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