You have strong incentives to particularly focus on your legs when you exercise. As your legs comprise large muscles like glutes, quads and hamstrings, you can tone them relatively quickly and see your overall figure significantly slim down, as a result, says Harper’s BAZAAR.

However, getting leaner legs will require you to follow a range of exercises. While there’s a broad choice of suitable exercises to choose from, here are some of our own favourites and the best exercises to try…

Scissor power switch

In engaging in this exercise, you will work your legs’ fast-twitch muscle fibres, says Shape. To use this exercise, start by bringing your right foot forward and left leg back as you stand.

Then, lower yourself into a runner’s lunge while extending your left arm towards the right foot and right arm behind you. You are now well-positioned to use both feet in pushing yourself off the floor and jumping straight upwards. Your scissoring legs should be in midair before you return to a runner’s lunge with the left leg ahead and right arm across it.

With this exercise, it can initially be tricky to land in the right way, so don’t be afraid to take things slowly. Resist speeding up your routine until you are ready.

How to get toned thighs and leaner legs fitness guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Kneeling roundhouse kick

If you are accustomed to kickboxing, either watching it or trying it for yourself, you might notice something peculiarly familiar about this move. In any case, it’s great for toning outer hips and thighs.

You would begin by finding a carpet or mat on which you proceed to kneel on all fours. At this point, your arms should be extended beneath the shoulders while the knees ought to be bent under the hips. Now, suspend your left knee above the floor while bending the left heel in nearer your body.

The next step is to lift your left knee, in which you preserve a bend, straight out to your body’s side. Follow up by extending your leg out as you point the toe, shin and shoelaces, which should all face forward. Then, bend the knee back in before lowering it nearly to the floor.

How to get toned thighs and leaner legs fitness guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Hip extension and cross

This counts as a targeted isolation exercise with which you can tone your thighs, glutes and core. Get underway with this exercise by kneeling and bending both elbows right to the floor beneath your shoulders with your hands clasped. Lift up your left leg so that it is behind the body.

Your toes should be pointing as you extend this leg. But don’t forget to subsequently bend your left knee while drawing in your left leg. In doing this, use your left kneecap to lightly tap your right knee’s back. You would finish this exercise by extending your left leg back out. Repeating the process 15 times overall, and then switch legs and repeat.

One fun way of learning further exercises for trimmer legs is participating in a fitness camp like one run by Prestige Boot Camp. The company’s retreats take place in various settings, including Spain and Portugal.

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How to get toned thighs and leaner legs fitness guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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