Our smile, it’s one of the first things people notice about us. But we can feel like we have a poor set of gnashers, but when it comes to looking after our teeth. They

are, in many ways a lot like skin care. If you keep on top of it, it will shine! And believe it or not, the simplest methods are actually the best when it comes to looking after your teeth…

Brush Them

Yes, we all know this! But when it comes to brushing your teeth efficiently, we can feel like you can’t have too much of a good thing. When it comes to brushing your teeth, sometimes you can brush your teeth too much. Twice a day is ideal, and no more. But also, you shouldn’t over brush your teeth. Stick to brushing your teeth for a maximum of two minutes. Likewise, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on your teeth. Your teeth are very sensitive. The enamel is there to protect your teeth. If you brush too hard and too vigorously, you will reduce this enamel.

Avoid Staining Foods

Again, this is common knowledge, we all know that foods like red wine, coffee, and tea. Although they are tasty, are very bad for our teeth. If you really must drink these liquids, you should have a glass of water afterwards to neutralize as much of the plaque as possible. In addition to this, if you’re looking for foods that are fantastic for your teeth, cheese is great. If you have it after meals, it’s one of the most beneficial foods to neutralize plaque.

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Avoid The Fads

You might have heard that brushing your teeth with charcoal makes them shine more, or maybe lemon juice, sea salt, or even baking soda are a few of the ways to make your teeth gleam. Also, something like oil pulling has gained a lot of popularity and could help with a lot of the aesthetic issues. But the one simple way to make your teeth looking good is to brush them, and if you have a problem with how they look, get them cleaned and polished, and get some braces.

There are so many braces on the market, such as the DFY Dental Invisalign braces, that can barely be seen and don’t look like you have a train track running across your teeth. When it comes to old wives tales, the one that has a shred of truth is having an apple before bed. The fibres in the skin act like a toothbrush, and so, not does an apple a day keep the doctor away, it’s a good way to keep the dentist at bay too!

The simple methods are the best, but there’s a reason why we’ve got into this habit of brushing twice a day! It can be very easy to get carried away with new habits, like oil pulling, but if you are looking after your teeth properly, and listening to the conventional wisdom, you are not going far wrong, and that’s the tooth!



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