How to get a proper night’s sleep

How to get a proper night’s sleep

Ah, sleep. You know you should get 8 hours a night, but for many the struggle is real! Think tossing and turning, waking up through the night, disrupted sleep. The list goes on. You know 9/10 times it all comes down to the mattress you sleep on.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that a decent sleep is a luxury you need in your life and shouldn’t be compromised!

If you’re like me and suffer from a bad back then a memory foam mattress might be just what you need! There’s a myth that these kinds of mattresses break the bank. You see shoppers, I’m savvy and follow suit in one of America’s smartest obsessions. Couponing.

Yes. Couponing. I am a massive advocate of Groupon and you’ll have probably seen me talk about Groupons frequently. I must have bought about 5 Groupons before my last trip to Vegas and having just come home from Orlando we bought a Busch Gardens Groupon to save us 40% off part ticket prices, for all 7 of us. A huge saving. I digress.

Back to mattresses, and in particular memory foam. What if I told you that you could purchase a £1,199.99 mattress for as little as £139 would you believe me? Well, you can!

I know you want to look….go on…you can get a new mattress at an incredible price from Groupon here!

I used to be an awful sleeper but now I get into bed and almost instantaneously I’m asleep. It’s all thanks to my night time regime though I must admit.

So what do I do to get the best night’s sleep?

I take a hot bath about 30 minutes before bed to relax. Usually, it’s in the dark with a lit candle and soothing meditation music. Once I’m out of the bath I then whiten and brush my teeth before generously applying Lush’s Sleepy over my arms and chest.

I use Lush’s Twilight body spray on my bed for an additional lavender led relaxation. On occasion, I have my diffuser on which pumps out lavender oil too. Can you tell it’s my favourite scent?

Getting into bed I have a new mattress, as you should replace your mattress every 8 years! My memory foam, breathable mattress is sumptuous with the added comfort of a mattress topper.

A thick plump duvet (15 tog) swaddles me as I lie my head on a memory foam pillow as I drift off into a deep sleep.

Although admittedly relaxing before climbing into bed I do credit my successful sleep to the best bed set up I’ve ever had and although the mattress plays a huge part in my silent night. I am a firm believer in ensuring that you also have the full regalia. Topper, duvet and pillows are essentials too!

Queen of Sleep

You can sleep like a Queen without having to spend like one. You’ve just got to be a top bargain hunter. Sleep well at night knowing that Groupon has your back!

What are your tips for getting a good night sleep? Drop them below so I can see how you get to sleep.

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