With a brand new car on the horizon, 10 years of solid driving and more parking tickets than I care to remember it’s kind of a no-brainer that owning (and maintaining) a car can be expensive!

A ladies' guide to car maintenance Do’s & Don’ts  1

My Granda is always quick to point out that before a long drive, and you know I make a lot of them, you should always and I mean always check your car over. I’m listening to you…I promise

Who says ladies can’t do car maintenance?

Let’s go over a quick Sass Queen guide to car maintenance (without breaking a nail) that we ladies can 100% boss.

Treading on thin water

Well, not actually water but tyre treads.

Think the pretty red soles of your car. You wouldn’t go out in Louboutins that needed to be reheeled so why let your car be let loose on the road with tyres that need to be replaced? They are one of the most important parts of car maintenance.

A ladies' guide to car maintenance Do’s & Don’ts  2

FYI, you can also get penalty points on your license for having bald tyres. How do you know if they’re balding? Grab a 20p and stick it in the tread if you can’t see the border on the edge of the coin you’re fine. If you can….replace.

You should check your tyres frequently and replace at the first sign of wear. I book tyres online and get a free professional fitting with Iverson Tyres Ltd.

Why not also get into the habit of making sure your tyre pressure is right too, you can easily digitally check them at petrol stations especially as tyres have the correct pressure on the rim of them too!

Fill, wash, repeat

Just like a great skincare regime your car needs their liquid magic to run at it’s best too! Make sure you frequently check the engine coolant (my car has pink coolant – winning), the oil and the screen wash levels. They’re easy to tell the difference. Here’s a quick glance at what you’re looking for under the hood.

A ladies' guide to car maintenance Do’s & Don’ts  3A ladies' guide to car maintenance Do’s & Don’ts  4 A ladies' guide to car maintenance Do’s & Don’ts  5





Don’t worry it’s simple, they have a maximum and a minimum on all of their containers so make sure you’re within those lines. For oil, it can be messy to make sure you don’t wear your new Gucci belt & Loafers. Take a cloth and wipe the dipstick clean then pop it back in and pull it out…you know…dip the stick…to see your oil levels.

All the right signals

Just like when you spot a man in the club giving you all the right signals, your car should be giving all the right signals too. That’s why you need to check that all your bulbs are lit. No seriously, check your brake and indicator lights as well as your headlights on a regular occasion to ensure that they’re all working properly.

If you’re thinking that this is just too much and you can’t deal why not have the professionals service your car? After all, if you’re on the road you should always be safe! Do not put off making your car maintenance a priority.

What’s one thing you always check when driving your car? I’d love to know your maintenance tips, drop them in the comments below.



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