How to Have Super Fun Girlie Time with Your Grandma

Do you cringe away from calling your grandma and seeing her? Do you cling onto your Instagram profile under the table when you have lunch or tea together? It’s understandable that the generation gap might seem unbridgeable to you and it’s possible that your grandma is a difficult senior, but the time you have together is limited. And here are some ideas how you can make it the best time ever, in case you are short of ideas.

Her jewellery box

If you haven’t already combed through your grandma’s jewellery box, you don’t know what you’re missing. Even if you don’t find something vintage you could borrow and flaunt, you’ll definitely find conversation starters if nothing else. How did your granny come by those clip-on earrings? Where did she wear that pearl necklace? What kind of jewellery could she afford? Did she inherit something from her mum or grandmum? What’s her favourite piece? The same goes for accessories. You know how little children love digging through mum’s purse and dressing table? Release that inner child and you’re in for a treat!

Fashion in her day

You’ve probably seen a zillion images of mid-century fashion and trends of decades gone by. But how often have you seen this clothing yourself, touched the fabric, maybe even tried it on you? Have you ever felt old nylon stockings? You know, those with a seam running up the back? Ask your grandma about fashion when she was young, things that she maybe couldn’t afford, but coveted. You can even have a makeover if you can fit into her stuff. If your granny hasn’t held on to her clothing from the past, that’s still not a reason to drop the subject. You can surf the Internet together and look for fashion trends she remembers. Talk about women whose style she admired and why.

Culinary tricks

Seems that it’s in the job description of every grandmum to cook deliciously. Do you know how she makes soup? Does she make the best pudding ever? Does she bake wondrous bread? You can try making a meal together. Even if you are a chef-grade cook, you’ll be surprised how small differences make a twist. Try to make Yorkies, toad in the hole, a lardy cake, a Victoria sponge or the jam roly poly pudding – whatever she’s best at. Not only will you connect with your grandma and learn a few tricks, but you’ll also make something yummy together.

Your problems

Your grandma has been on the block for quite some time and even around it. It often seems she’s seen it all, at least to her. Have you tried talking to her about your problems at work or school? The gossips at work, the squabbles with your boyfriend and the fights with your best friend? You’ll feel better after talking about it and it’s highly likely your granny will make you feel better, too. After all, she’s always on your side and may share some wisdom.

Her life at your age

Do you know what your grandmother’s life looked like when she was your age? What did her days look like? What brought her joy and caused her worry? Did she have any hobbies? What did she do in her free time? Can you imagine that your grandmother was your age once? (And that you’ll be hers?)

Her regrets and dreams

It’s an easy question to ask and maybe a difficult to answer. Did your grandma dream of a career she never had? Or a place she never visited? Chances are your grandma often thinks about these things, so she’ll be happy to share. On the other hand, it’s also possible you’ll remind her of the stuff she buried somewhere deep within and she could be happy to reminisce. You’ll have an opportunity to learn some valuable life lessons, too.

Her loves

We’re nothing without love, right? How much do you know about your grandmum’s love life? Did she have any beaus before your grandfather? What happened? Does she know where life has taken those men? You can even go on a Facebook hunt – leverage the stalking skills you’ve honed over the years. Who knows what kind of whirlwind or sweet romances you’ll hear of? You can also ask her to tell you in detail about her and your grandfather. What were their ups and downs? You could draw some parallels to your experience. And maybe she’ll tell you it’s true that all we need is love.

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