A warm and friendly welcome along with a tremendously knowledgable team were in store for me when I headed along to the Diptyque counter in Fenwick’s Beauty Hall in Newcastle. It is clear that the passion for the product is genuine and not borne purely from a sales perspective.

If you haven’t heard of Diptyque where have you been? A fabulously French brand whose first office was located at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris, and hence the signature fragrance,  just called ’34’ which was created as a ‘cocktail’ of all of their fragrances blended together. You wonder how that works, but surprisingly it does and 34 is magnificent and loved by many. My favourite however, when it comes to the personal perfumes, is Tam Dao; sandalwood and rosewood combined to give a truly deep and sensual oriental Asian fragrance. What I absolutely love about Diptyque is that a sample is provided with your fragrance so that you can try it before opening your purchase. Perfume is a really personal experience and Diptyque really understand this.

While I could talk for ages about the perfumes, the attraction with Diptyque for me is the homeware collection.

The candles are absolutely divine and anyone who knows me also knows that I can wax lyrical (pun definitely intended) for hours on candles. But you all agree with me that there is nothing quite as relaxing as coming home and lighting candles while sipping on your favourite glass of wine. Even when snuffed out the fragrance of a really good quality candle lingers and creates a fabulous aroma in your home. Trust me Diptyque candles are really worth spending your money on and if you are going to go for it, the huge outdoor candle for me is the epitome of luxurious decadence.

Moving on and more importantly for me I am completely drawn to the magnificent hour glass styled diffusers. The diffuser had me, as they say ‘at hello’, with a very Moroccan design styling it oozes sophisticated luxury. Who couldn’t love a diffuser like this in their home? The bulbous glass ends are joined through a central gold fretwork tubing which is reminiscent of the souks and casbahs of North Africa.

Using the same fragrances throughout the collections I was immediately drawn to the Mediterranean smell of Figuier. The diffusers are wonderful with the fragrance held in the bulbous end with the reeds running through the centre, once or twice a day depending on your preference you can turn the diffuser, hour glass style. Although the price is £120, depending how frequently it is turned the fragrance can last between six to twelve months but it is more than just a fabulous fragrance in your home it is a lovely objet d’art and well worth the price tag. This diffuser is definitely on my must have list I absolutely love it, I hope I don’t decide to buy it as a gift for someone else as I know already I won’t want to part with it.

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