Well, the final countdown is on as I head off for some Ibiza sunshine today along with a very excited bride-to-be and 13 other rather excited girls. So ahead of our departure I have started my beauty treatment regime to get my skin in tip-top condition to soak up some rays.

After the cold weather, my skin has been feeling a little dry so is in need of a little TLC.

At the recent intu Fashion Evening, I was given a sample of The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask I love a face mask so I have been holding back trying this one until the right time and with only 1 week to go until my trip that time is now.


I must say I really loved the fresh citrus smell and the application of the mask was easy, it went on smoothly and had a really good consistency. Initially looking at my appearance in the mirror this dark green camouflage did make me appear as if l should be on night manoeuvres!

Drying out to a light avocado colour I could feel my skin tingle and knew it was time for the great reveal. It was a little stubborn to remove at first although that was probably due to me keeping it on slightly longer than intended. When I did remove it I was impressed, my skin was really soft and glowing. The mask had removed any blackheads that I had previously had and you could immediately see my skin was much more moisturised, rehydrated, fresh and silky smooth.

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