I’ve said it before I’m totally teeth whitening obsessed. From bleaching to strips, professional to in home I’ve tried everything and have talked about it fully multiple times including my Hollywood Smile and why oil pulling is important.

One thing which I haven’t ever talked about is an all round toothpaste. One which cleans your teeth whitens your teeth and most importantly keeps your breath and mouth feeling fresh.

That is until I was sent White Glo to try. I realise I’m getting old now as toothpaste really excites me.

This striking orange and black set contain a matching toothbrush with activated charcoal bristles. I know the power of activated charcoal from drinking it as a detox and from using it in powder form to whiten my teeth, so I knew already that this toothpaste had the potential to be a winner.

Desperate to try it out I squeezed the black toothpaste onto my new toothbrush (dry of course, to give the paste as much purchase as possible) and began brushing.

My first thoughts were about the taste. This fresh, minty flavour was strong and powerful and if anything was only a positive as often I find whitening toothpastes leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Secondly, my mouth became full of foam from the charcoal working its magic. This was great in terms of seeing how well the toothpaste was working as it was foaming in my mouth and almost fizzing as it cleaned.


Remember I said it was a black toothpaste? Unlike the charcoal powder which when used not only goes everywhere but also is black and messy this toothpaste once activated by brushing turns white so leaves no mess.

After just a couple of uses, I could really see the difference in colour. Safe for daily use I’ve been using the toothpaste for over a week now and the results are phenomenal. Over the Easter when visiting my Grandma & Granda in the Lake District my whole family, struck by the packaging kept coming downstairs in the morning talking about ‘that orange and black toothpaste in the bathroom’ and how they really liked it. As soon as I told them it whitened their teeth too they were all fighting over their new favourite toothpaste so much so that I’m going to need a refill soon.

As it comes with a toothbrush which has activated charcoal bristles this is extremely beneficial for promoting great oral hygiene too, with every new tube you’re replacing your toothbrush. A great routine for those who aren’t utterly obsessed by teeth like I am.

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