Hoorah, today it’s Red Nose Day, but you already knew that right? As I write this I’m sat here sipping on a cup of Matcha green tea out of this year’s Red Nose Day Mug. It got me thinking if your workplace or school, college or university isn’t fundraising today then there are ways in which you can make a difference.

Ever since I can remember Red Nose Day has been a big deal up and down the country. I remember from my early primary school days the fight was always on as to who had the newest red nose first, and then in latter years of my school career, it was a case of who had the best ‘vintage’ nose from the previous years.

With the iconic Red Nose we have seen multiple iconic British designers lending their hand to the cause and in recent years the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Henry Holland have helped to create some essential must have Red Nose Day items to raise some serious cash for this amazing charity.

One of my personal favourites from 2011 is the Louis XVI with Red Noses on her breasts t-shirt that I proudly own. This year for 2017 sees Rankin, a renowned Fashion and Portrait photographer’s collection of animals in black and white emblazoned across t-shirts and aprons. With a French bulldog, affectionately known as Albert wearing a baseball cap to Jonny the goat with a curly afro these designs are fun and quirky with a serious fashion edge.

The t-shirts are all produced and manufactured in Africa and 50% of the money from the merchandise goes back to Comic Relief to aid projects all around the world you know that you’re doing your bit for the greater good.

Whilst all the clothing has sold out online TKMaxx and Homesense are Comic Relief’s official stockists of the merchandise there may be a chance to snap up the final pieces today at one of their locations.

Sainsbury’s have a great selection of Comic Relief merchandise too, from the mug which I proudly drink from on a morning, to the iconic yet ever changing Red Noses.

This year the Red Nose theme is ‘Nose-it-all’, the all-knowing owl, the Viking Norse Nose, Snootankhamun from ancient Sneezegypt, Snuffles the dragon, DJ Boogie, Dr Nose, The Snorcerer, Sneezecake the chef, Sniffer the dog and the rarest and scariest Nose of all, Frankinose!

They come in a sealed wrapper so you don’t know which one you may get, priced at just £1 this is a great way for kids to get involved in the fun of Red Nose day, you’ve got a 1 in 900 chance of finding Frankinose and if you do you have to look out for the code on his feet to unlock special content on the Red Nose’s online Comic Adventure.

With the whole of Britain pulling together to be Great, showing their softer and more caring side and raising money for charity this Comic Relief we’d love to know how you’re doing your bit!

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