Have you ever taken photos on your phone and wished you could do more with it than it just staying on your phone? When uploading these memories to Facebook isn’t enough. Do you want to create cute Instagram-worthy collages or polaroid style images? Super Snaps is your ultimate go to for amazing high-quality hold in your hand photos.

With prints starting at just 20p each there’s absolutely no end to the crazy combination of your own images you can create. Super Snaps doesn’t just stop at small prints, they offer personalised stickers, magnets, cards and even the most fabulous block prints.

With Mother’s Day just passing, and a trip to Tenerife having been and gone in February where my two younger cousins and I flew out to spend a week with my Grandma & Granda, I knew that Super Snaps would be the perfect go to for a beautiful and personal gift for my Grandma this Mother’s day.

She’s extremely house proud and loves receiving photos of the three of us to show off proudly. She had previously mentioned how much she loved the photo of the five of us we took on our final evening of our holiday so I instantly knew that the framed print would be a perfect addition to her gorgeous Lake District home, and no doubt it’s new home will be in pride of place.

Creating a Super Snap is super simple, you simply select from their range of 9 perfectly formed products, upload your image, crop it into position and add it to your basket. The team behind the scenes create their magic and have the finished piece shipped to you. Seriously, it is just that simple.

As I said, my favourite and most sentimental product for my Grandma is the framed print. Starting at just £19.99 you can choose from a black or a white frame. Selecting the white frame to fit in with her decor and offset the beautiful sun setting over the most popular Canary Island.

When the frame arrived it was extremely well packaged and the print is a high-quality image. The fantastic chunky frame with glass front is simply stunning and she absolutely adored this modern twist on a conventional frame. Of course, the gorgeous photo of her grandchildren and thoughtful gift will earn me extra brownie points, it might even put me back in the running as the favourite grandchild….even though she constantly tells us that she has no favourites. Admittedly, we’re all equally as wicked as each other and wind her up about which one of the three is her favourite!

If you’re looking for a keepsake print then Super Snaps are the ideal for creating scrapbooks, leaving sentimental Polaroid snaps around, creating greeting cards with your favourite holiday snaps or of course if you’re channelling your inner Kim Kardashian they’re perfect for showing off your latest selfies. Ultimately the framed print is their ideal gift and I highly recommend this as a gift to a loved one with a special photo.

You can shop Snap Savers here and check out what marvellous creations you can make with your memories


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