If you’ve never been on a skiing holiday before, then here’s the first thing you should know: They’re super, super fun. Spending your days carving the mountain snow, lazy afternoons recovering from the intense morning session, and evening drinks with friends and family around a roaring fire. What, I dare you to answer, could possibly be better than that?

However, a skiing holiday isn’t like a regular holiday. There are some things you need to think about it before you hit the mountains to ensure you’re kept safe and can have the best skiing experience possible. Check out our tips below.


Before You Go

In the weeks before you go skiing, you’ll want to build up your endurance. While skiing isn’t the most physically taxing sport you can do, it can still take it out of you – and will if you’re not sufficiently prepared. This means going into light training so that you have a good level of fitness and are flexible enough to comfortably handle the muscle tweaks and the like that come from falling down (spoiler: you’ll definitely fall down).

Additionally, make sure you have all the clothing you need to enjoy a trip to the mountains, which can be chillier than you’d expect. You’ll likely be renting your equipment from the ski area, but having proper ski gloves, thermals, hats and so on will ensure you’re kept warm even when you’re not skiing.

The Journey

It’s advisable to make your journey as comfortable and straightforward as possible. Why? Because a long journey will leave you tired, both physically and mentally, and you’ll want to get onto the slopes as soon as you arrive. You can’t do that safely if you’re drained from the journey. That means getting a good night’s sleep before the flight, booking British airport transfers for you and your travel companions, getting picked up from the airport to the ski area, and being well rested for a night before skiing. This way you’ll be fresh and raring to go when you finally snap into your skis, and will be refreshed enough to challenge the slopes safely.


When You’re There

Did you know that the most dangerous moment for skiing is during the last run? You’re tired inside and out and concentration isn’t quite what it used to be. When you feel yourself getting tired, call it a day – or at least take a long break. The mountains aren’t going anywhere and it’s much better to go out on top rather than staying out there longer than you should and risking injury.

Remember What Skiing Is All About

All going well, you’ll have an amazing time on your first skiing holiday. This type of getaway is about much more than just the skiing; it’s about sharing great times with friends and family, being outdoors and active, and pushing yourself to do more. So during your trip, take the time to appreciate all the other fun benefits of a ski holiday – especially with the people you travel with!

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