With Christmas just around the corner, little boys and girls everywhere will be writing their Christmas lists to Santa, and you are tasked with getting them their heart’s desires. However, what should you do if your child asks for the ultimate Christmas present, a horse? For some people, a horse won’t even be an option, but for others, you have a big decision to make. The pros and cons of owning a horse are endless, so here are a few for you to consider.

Pro – Teaches Responsibility

Owning a horse takes a lot of hard work, but if you think your child is up for it, then it can teach them a lot of responsibility. Your child will need to learn to manage their time so that they can fit in exercising, feeding, and cleaning out their new friend, as well as keep up with their school work. Their horse needs a lot of time and attention for it to trust them, which will teach them to be a more careful and caring person.

Con – Less Time For Homework

Your child should already know that they will have a lot less free time if they get a horse, but they should also understand that they will have a lot less time for more important things like homework too. This means that your child is going to have to find time to get this work done, or they could risk failing.

Buying your child a horse | The pros and cons | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Pro – Offers Great Exercise

There is a lot of work that needs to be done when you own a horse. Like cleaning the stables, riding and exercising the horse, brushing them, and training them. Considering this is going to be done every single day. Your child is going to be getting a lot of exercise, which is never a bad thing.

Con – Less Vacation Time

If your family enjoys heading to somewhere sunny for a few weeks whenever the kids break up from school. Then you are going to have to consider the impact that owning a horse is going to have on your vacation time. You might not be able to go away at all unless you can find some that are willing to care for your horse while you’re away.

Pro – Spend Time Outside

These days, children and teenagers are addicted to technology. If your child isn’t on a games console or computer, they are likely to be attracted to their phone. Luckily, if your child had a horse, they would have less time to spend on tech. And would instead spend it in the great outdoors.

Buying your child a horse | The pros and cons | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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Con – Very Costly

The one thing that usually holds people back from buying a horse is the cost. The horse itself isn’t going to be cheap. Then you’re also going to have to buy food, mobile horse stables and pay for vet bills. As well as riding clothes, and lots of riding and grooming equipment.

Buying a horse shouldn’t be done on a whim. You need to think it through properly and consider if it’s really right for your child and family.

What are your thoughts? Drop a comment below.

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Buying your child a horse | The pros and cons | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog


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