I’m not afraid to admit it I wish I had somebody to wash and dry my hair on a daily basis. It’s one of my least favourite tasks of the day, especially if I’ve had my hair in serious business mode the day before, when I say business mode I mean top knot on my head, not leaving the house kind of days as it’s always a struggle to get the knots out.

So when three gorgeous Tangle Teezers landed in my mailbox I couldn’t wait to give them a whirl and to see how they faired when challenged by my knotted hair. I can remember first seeing Tangle Teezer on Dragon’s Den in 2007 where Shaun, the inventor failed to secure funding from any of the dragons. Remembering the conversation from over a decade ago we all said that it was a great product and much like the Safestix in 2012 (now owned by Kong) we thought that the dragons on this occasion had got it wrong.

Fast forward ten years and the Tangle Teezer brand has gone from strength to strength and become a global household brand. Through listening to his customers, Shaun expanded the range in 2010 to include a child-friendly brush and a smaller compact brush. In 2012 the salon professional Tangle Teezer was launched much to hairdresser’s delight. It was also this year that the brand created a shower friendly brush, sold out of their Shaun the Sheep brush and was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation. Two years later more awards followed, this time for International Trade. If that wasn’t impressive enough for this entrepreneur with a growing brush empire but in 2015 the brand collaborated with Lulu Guinness to create the signature lipstick print on the Tangle Teezers. Perhaps my favourite brush in the collection was created this year too. The Blow-Styling Smooth Tool. An absolute essential for those who are looking for sleek styling and greater blow drying.

The three brushes that were sent with compliments from Tangle Teezer were the original in Candy Floss, the compact in Lulu Guinness print and the Blow-Styling Smooth Tool.

I barely managed to get the Lulu Guinness Tangle Teezer out the box before my mother claimed it as hers. She’s a huge Lulu Guinness fan and absolutely adores the signature print, I secretly think she’s got some form of Lulu Guinness obsession as she told me that she couldn’t have any brush in her Lulu handbag, and that is would match her purse. Needless to say, I let this one from Lulu Lala Land get on with her hair brushing in her own little world. A great addition to the Tangle Teezer brand is the well-loved print from Lulu Guinness it sure was a hit here!

The large original Teezer in Candyfloss, super gorgeous and perfect for princess styling. This is my favourite colour of the range as it’s so gorgeous and Instagram worth!

I couldn’t wait to try the Blow-Styling Smooth Tool and there was no better time than at 1:30 am after I decided to cut my own hair. I really hope my hairdresser isn’t reading this….sorry Becky I promise you I still have good hair!

You know what they say when a girl cuts her hair she’s about to change the world. Not only did my fresh haircut (I’m actually alright at cutting hair) inspire me to new heights of greatness but as I blow dried my shorter, long flowing locks using the Blow-Styling Smooth Tool I began to notice something simply amazing happen.

My hair was instantly glossy, it looked indeed smooth and without running my hands through it to plump it up it had some serious volume injection. I simply couldn’t believe it! It was beyond brilliant and not just a one off. I’ve gone from hating drying my hair to now knowing that I’m going to have a great hair day!

I seriously recommend you get yourself a Blow-Styling Smooth Tool as it has literally revolutionised the way my mornings go!

Disclaimer: These items were provided complimentary, all views are my own. Read more about disclosure here.

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