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Quirky gifts are one of those things I’m always on the look out for. I love nothing better than giving a gift that’s not generic nor has it come from a generic store. When The Cocktail Man, James Vyse asked me to review his cocktail box I certainly couldn’t say no. After all, if I’ve not got a cocktail in hand people generally ask if I’m unwell! Yes I kid you not!

I’ve got to admit I’ve had my fair share of cocktails around the world and can honestly say Miami and Mexico are my two favourite cocktail shaking spots. I was excited to see what was in store and to see if I could replicate The Cocktail Man’s flair.


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Arriving in the most gorgeous small white box with The Cocktail Man’s logo emblazoned across I began to open the box, opening the envelope to reveal the cocktail as the Butterfly Martini. I chilled some martini glasses in the freezer and read through the instructions. All of the ingredients required to create the cocktail were in the box minus the fresh lime juice, alongside some paper butterflies to garnish.


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Doing it like the professionals

As I poured the bottles into my Boston Glass over the ice it didn’t look an awful lot, but then again I am usually heavy handed. As my tin hit the glass I began to shake for the 10 seconds required before removing my martini glasses from the freezer. I strained my cocktail into the glass and it was a small aperitif, perhaps I just have large martini glasses?


The mixed drink was sweet, yet delicious. It was a twist on the classic and was somewhat refreshing. I enjoyed it, however, thought it was incredibly short, especially for £16.95 per box. I feel this price point is too high when the cocktail card says serves two and there’s barely enough for a single small mix drink! Had I have ordered this as a gift for somebody I’d honestly have been a little disappointed. I think the look of the box is fantastic and the concept behind it is great. I personally think what you get for the price point is not great value for money.


Disclaimer: This item was provided complimentary by The Cocktail Man, all views are our own. Read more about disclosure here.

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