Over the last few weeks I’ve been at plenty events, however, I’ve lacked with publishing.

You might have noticed that the site looks different and it’s had a makeover in the front and back. I’ve moved from Squarespace to WordPress and if you’re reading this now and faced with the dilemma of moving then please for every ounce of my advice, take it and run with it. Pay a professional to do it. I’m not even lying when I said I nearly had a breakdown.

Seriously Squarespace you are a nightmare when it comes to saying goodbye, I mean your export works for literally 5 pages – I then had to manually upload the 500 articles that didn’t transfer over. Losing all the comments (probably affecting not only SEO but my DA) and then all of the 300 other articles that were imported the URL wasn’t formatted correctly and then oh my goodness all the broken links.

Macbook ELLEfluence Flatlay

If you know me then you’ll know I am obsessed with broken links. It’s taken me a while but we are there. All sorted.

In all honesty, I almost regretted this unnecessary move, then I remembered per month it’s costing me 66% less and now my site has more capabilities for growth and much better SEO options. Crazy that Squarespace doesn’t show your image names right?

Not one for negativity

So with all of that, topped off with a pretty rubbish week to say the least I had started thinking, blogging where are we at?

I’ve kind of go frustrated with the negative connotations of bloggers. I have a journalist friend who’s very condescending of bloggers and often refers to them as blaggers. I mean offensive or what? Yet she has a point.

I love blogging and bloggers and the whole industry but one thing that gripes me is blaggers. You know those people who accept all the products and don’t even post about them or attend events and then there’s no content created. What about those blaggers who promise X Y and Z and barely even deliver A.

You wonder why brands don’t want to work with serious influencers or you hear so many brands telling stories about having their hands burned by that blagger. The blagger who wants a FREE night stay at the cute hotel just because it’s her boyfriend’s birthday. Or the blagger who wants their brows done before their holiday. Just no. As a blogger and influencer, you’ll notice I use influencer more and more, you need to understand you’re a valuable marketing asset. A tool so to speak. So if you’re not doing as you promise, under delivering or event taking goods and then not doing the work (technically theft) then, of course, you’re making it harder for others who are serious.

Revolution Soul Sundays Chocolate Brownie

Taking it to the next level

I asked in my Facebook community for ELLEfluencers the other week what their professional statements were. There were some good ones. A professional statement should define what you do I’d say when asked: “I am a digital marketer and online influencer working with brands on campaigns. To promote through my online publication and associated social channels”.

This professional statement to me, kind of states that I understand business needs and requirements and I also understand the cost and ROI expected from online marketing. The better I do for the brand, the more work I’ll receive from them. It’s simple really.

I almost gave up blogging

So this week, I almost gave up blogging, then I thought about it. Every day I receive messages from the most beautiful of people saying how much I’ve inspired them with their sites. To me that makes everything worthwhile and while some days it’s alright to be frustrated. It’s alright for things to go wrong, it’s also alright to stand out from the norm. Go against the status quo and realise that it’s time to move away from certain terminology. A terminology that’s now depicted really negative connotations and opt for something a little different.

Ibiza Sunset Boat Cruises Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Blog

No more ‘blogger’, lots more ‘digital marketer’ and ‘influencer’.

Seriously though, never move your site from Squarespace alone. Unless you want to age about 15 years and have many a breakdown!  

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    • Honestly, pay somebody – it’s been traumatic, to say the least. I had a company offer to do it in exchange for a review then they went silent when I think they saw the size of the job. I still have 45 broken emails to fix and a bit of titivating to do but I thought it was just going to be like oh press one button and then upload. If you’re on wordpress.com it should be simple enough as a hosting company will do all the hard that for you for like £3-£6 a month (have a post about that this week). You should be able to just back it up and upload. Clearly SS are like a clingy ex-boyfriend that don’t want you to go though!! x

  1. I agree that blogger is kind of an outdated term or rather it’s got antiquated perceived values whereas digital content marketing is so hot right now and that’s what you do and what you are so brilliant at doing, don’t let those who let you down make you feel under par yourself, you are amazing, you are inspirational and you are so good at just being you, feisty, fabulous, definitely not to be messed with, you’re unique and amazing and I love you!

    • I know right, it’s all nearly settled I just hope the move doesn’t decrease my DA. That’s all I’m worried about. I have increased and worked on my SEO though and my site views have grown 100% since the move so fingers crossed?

  2. Loved this post, especially authentic bit about people attending events etc and not even posting about it etc even if it was just a picture on Instagram or something. When people go to the effort to put an event on and invite you I just find it disrespectful not to praise and post. As for you missy – your so inspiring! I remember coming to one of your first events and was so overwhelmed by the amount of effort you put into it all! It got my gears moving I tell you! Haha! X

    • Awww Diane, you are fabulous! Your words are simply the kindest! Thank you thank you thank you! It’s hard you know because I love the industry but there’s some bad eggs who make it hard for everybody. It’s exhausting because some people think they are entitled to FREE (that word makes my skin crawl) for nothing in return and it’s sad because they miss the whole digital marketing point! Xx

  3. So happy that it is over and you’re now not only still into blogging and growing each day but also saving lots of money after the move!

    • Yeah certainly, I’m back to where I am most passionate. Smooth seas never make a skilled sailor is something to live by. I totally agree with that – you have to take the good with the bad!

  4. Ugh, that sounds like such a nightmare! I think I would have wanted to give up too!

    I totally agree with you on those who are just out for ‘freebies’ which makes others look bad. They do behave like they are entitled to receive things without having to do anything in return. Thing is, nothing is ever FREE; it’s always in exchange for something.

    You’ve done so much and especially having to do everything over again, it’s tantamount to your character that you didn’t just chuck it all in. Inspiring to say the least!

    • I’m not going to lie I am absolutely exhausted but in the end everything will be worth it. I already love my site more now than I used to – it’s so much better which inspires me to do so much more so that’s only a good thing right?

      You know what gripes me is when PRs say ‘we want to offer you a FREE box of tea’ erghhhh please stop!!!!!! xx

  5. Migrating WordPress isn’t as easy as it should be. I transferred a hosting account for a friend. Transfer the wordpress site from one host and install it on another. However with 5 years of news / blog posts and several thousand photos (in various sizes). My head was battered.
    Wordpress boast of their 5 minute installation, but their 2 nights of website transfer is not as widely publicised.
    If for what ever reason you were to chuck it in. Have a long period to think about it. I’ve walked away from a couple of projects that I’d built up to be successful and I regret doing it. Glad its nearly all sorted anyway.

    • Alan, I don’t know how you did over 5 years of content, my head was battered with just 2. It was really stressful, although not on the WordPress behalf it was the Squarespace side. They really let me down and I’ve only just realised I have hundreds of posts with missing images which is a nightmare. I simply do not have the time to go back and re-add them, then I feel that it affects the enjoyment of the site. AHHHH if only I wish I had of started on WP…hindsight is a wonderful thing ey?


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