Over the last few weeks, I feel that there’s been a relatively hostile feeling in ‘blogosphere’ mainly down to jealousy, mainly down to bitchiness and people not wanting to celebrate the achievements of others. It has really bugged me and it is kind of upsetting especially when you see people you thought you knew to take off their mask to reveal that dark side they’ve been hiding from you. Revealing that they’re not the person you thought they were. They’re not as loyal as they make out. They’re nothing like the wonderful act they’ve portrayed. Kudos, you should be up for a Grammy for that performance, I was fooled. This whole atmosphere has created a debate about should we all be supporting each other.

I am so passionate about empowerment and lifting people up, supporting their hopes and dreams and it really saddens me to see that this ideology isn’t as widely accepted as it should be.

You know, there is room for everybody. The internet is an infinite place.

From talking to a group of other online influencers we all agreed that there’s a lot of tittle-tattle behind backs, awkward exchanges at events and cruel sneers, posts flying around about adult bullying whereby those penning the articles are the worst perpetrators and then there’s this ideology of this hierarchy of she’s better than her. I mean come on, give over you can’t be serious right?


Ladies, and I say ladies because in a female dominated industry it tends to be women creating the issues. You are all grown women and this is incredibly school yard behaviour. You don’t have to like everybody, but supporting people will only help you grow too.
A letter to the internet bullies. 1

I’ve experienced the whole ‘let’s hope she fails’ scenario all of my business life and this industry is by far the worst. Women are incredibly vicious. I don’t get the deal? You all know how much effort it takes to run a blog. You’ll also understand and appreciate that people are incredibly proud of their content and images. They work tirelessly to promote and gain a following, you do it yourself so why would you not want to give somebody a virtual high five for that? Instead, you’re trying to tear them down for absolutely no reason other than you don’t like what you’ve seen of them online!

Bullies. No thank you sistah.

Understandably in life, we’re not all going to get on. I’m more Marmite than Marmite I’m not naive in thinking that. You either like me or you don’t and to be honest if you don’t like me then it’s going to be for one of two reasons, hey that’s fine I can cope with that. What I’m not fine with is heading to events to experience rudeness. Yes you may not like me, yes I might not be your cup of tea but do you really need to look me up and down?

Thing is, I champion everybody, even these people who try and make me feel uncomfortable. It’s a sad fact but also true because I’m just that kind of person who tries to see the good in everybody even if you’re rotten to the core. Being nice is far easier than being nasty and it creates a better environment for everybody.

The thing is though these people don’t really understand that when you support each other beautiful things happen. Not only do you create a stronger industry for us all because believe it or not, every page view, every retweet, every blog comment matters! The stronger we are, the more united the industry becomes. A united industry creates a stronger industry which creates more opportunities. You want opportunities too, don’t you?

We aren’t all in competition. That’s what some of you don’t understand. Yes, there may only be a certain budget for a brand, but if we prove the industry as a strong one, the budgets of these brands will grow and in turn, more businesses will sway towards influencer marketing meaning, you guessed it more opportunities for us all!

Females should support each other

I’m a massive advocate and so passionate about female empowerment and entrepreneurship, I deliver seminars and talks about these two topics which are really close to my heart. In an ideal world, I wish people were more passionate about building each other up instead of tearing them down. What do you even achieve trying to destroy somebody’s confidence? I don’t get it? It’s bullying. You are all grown women.

Perhaps what you’d be better doing with your time is spreading love, in the wake of the last few months’ awful atrocities do you not think there are enough hatred and sadness in the world? Try saying GURRRRRRL YOU LOOK GREAT instead of making comments to your friends about not liking her shoes. Just try retweeting somebody’s blog post so she knows you’ve got her back. Try reading other people’s blogs instead of expecting people to read yours without any reciprocation. Try making somebody smile today.

So in my final words today, you should always be kind to everybody you meet, you never know what battles they’re facing!

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