I’m not a quitter, I have never been and I never will quit anything. It’s just not in me. So when a recent conversation came up with a close friend about Lent, and what they were giving up. The question was then posed to me, what would I be giving up? It really got me thinking. I’ve never taken part in Lent.

I sat for a moment and wondered. I didn’t want to give up something materialistic, I didn’t want to give up a food or drink (I pretty much have spent my life giving up meat or gluten so it’s not a challenge). What I had decided to give up were negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts? It may sound like a ‘cop out’, a crazy thing to give up. But I’ve spent the last say 6 months removing negative people and negativity from my life and it’s really seen my life improve. In absolutely every aspect. Negativity is the drainer of joy and happiness. So if I have already given up negativity then why for Lent am I giving up negative thoughts?


Now you see whilst almost 99.9% of the negativity around me has been eradicated there’s still a great deal of negativity upstairs. In my mind. I never think that I can’t do something, because you can do anything you put your mind to, Richard Branson, J.K Rowling, Dwayne Johnson are perfect examples of this. But there are time of weakness. Where I’m just like anybody else where I stop before throwing myself into things. I think to myself that I’m not good enough, or qualified enough, I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m just winging it. I sometimes feel like I need to question every single aspect of my life and I tear it apart.

So for Lent, which is not something I usually partake in. I decided to challenge myself and give up these negative thoughts. I have to say, it’s going pretty well, it’ really working out and my productivity has shot through the roof, my motivation. Well if you keep in contact on Facebook you’ll know that I’m that motivated. I’m sleeping 3 hours a night because I’m just so in love with what I’m doing at the minute and I’m fuelled on just sheer positivity.

Christian symbolism

Of course, Lent is symbolic for those who are practising Christian. And although I was Christened, I don’t assign myself to a religion. But as I am so passionate about the Law of Attraction. For the whole of Lent I’m not only giving up these negative thoughts I’m going to actively encourage generosity. Encourage you to pledge to Christian Aid through Lent, so that you know that you’ve done your bit helping to create eliminate gender discrimination. Prevent families being torn apart because of HIV & Malaria. With your donation, no matter how big or small you can help to save lives in emergencies.

Imagine saying that you gave up being selfish for Lent, you saved a life this Lent

You can donate to Christian Aid here

Read more about Christian Aid for Lent here

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