You think that a rice cooker can only use for cooking rice, right? – That thought is wrong. It is sure that you will get perfect rice, but you will still get a myriad of delicious foods. Do you want to try a new recipe for your rice cooker? Here are a couple of amazing ideas you can apply for your rice cooker, instead of only cooking rice.

Ideas – One More for Cooking with Your Rice Cooker

You can think of this – using a rice cooker like a slow cooker. By using the moist heat during the cooking time, this is a way to trap the flavour. Even, some models of rice cookers come with the slow-cooking setting. It means that the rice cooker can replace the slow cooker.

Even though you have just owned a conventional rice cooker with the cook and warm settings, tricking it to cook one more is still okay. Let’s see!

1. Home Staples

  • Chicken Curry

There are 3 wonderful reasons why you should make this. One – the curry is delicious. Two – it is easy to make. The last one – its ingredients are common and no more obscure spices. You only need to add all the ingredients in your rice cooker a moment. Surely, the smell of curry will quickly revive in your kitchen.

For the vegetarian, the chicken is likely skipped. Nonetheless, it will be very monotonous if it is just curry. So, you can add a little vegetable. Potatoes are also an ideal selection.

  • Kimchi

A large number of people spend a special love for kimchi. Instead of only purchase the version at the store, you may try to make at home. Yes, your rice cooker is a perfect machine to whip these spicy cabbages.

To make this dish, your rice cooker will be occupied a couple of days because kimchi must hang out for several days. Of course, the result is quite worth.

  • Quinoa

Whatever you get used to eating quinoa for meals in a day or you only enjoy it the first times, now making become simpler and easier. Don’t have to keep your open eyes! After rinsing the quinoa, you add them to your rice cooker – the end.

If preferred, you probably make every week. To increase the flavour, it adds a little fresh herb, lemon juice, and almonds. All are the great addition. A dish is delicious and simple, right?

2. Soup & Chilli

  • Chicken & daikon soup

When the weather is cold, a Chinese-hearty soup will be wonderful. The combination of chicken with ginger brings the warm to the bone yours. Initially, it sets your rice cooker at the cook mode. Then, it changes to the warm setting when recognising the broth got a rich.

  • Taco soup

The Tex-Mex cravings often move towards. Yes, this soup will help you satisfy this. The main ingredients consist of chicken, vegetables, and brown rice. It puts in a bowl and serves with Greek yoghurt, cheese, avocado, for example, depending on your preference.

  • Chicken chili

This dish is easy to be made in your rice cooker. With the fundamental chicken chilli, you are able to utilise your preferred beans, the ground chicken to replace beef, along with a little red pepper crushed. Oh! The flavour is delicious and warm.

3. Meaty Dishes

  • Country-style ribs

Frequently, we are acquainted with ribs on an oven or a grill, but not now. You can make ribs in beer. Exactly, your normal rice cooker will be able to offer ribs cooked a perfect way.

Aside from coming with a classic sauce, you likely cook in a hands-free style because the time to mop up the sauce is less. Even, you still have time to prepare the napkins while waiting for it chow down. So easy!

  • Sausage Jambalaya

This dish is to spend for those who are often busy don’t have time to prepare a dish. It requires to add the essential ingredients to your humble rice cooker and cook. Don’t try peeking! Let’s wait until the beans, rice, and sauce have gradually melded together and the attractive flavour.

  • Roasted pork

It uses a rice cooker to roast pork, instead, an oven. Both pork and garlic will be sautéed in a pan after beginning roasting. It makes sure that the taste will spread out your rice cooker.

As a result, the roasted pork is also hearty and delicious as roasted in a slow cooker. It will be better when serving with sandwiches, tacos, and salads.

4. Breakfast & Sweet Treats

  • Chocolate cake

The majority of the people likes to eat cake in the morning, so baking is actually interesting. To make a chocolate cake, you just need to throw ten necessary ingredients with a little water into your lovely rice cooker. If you are a vegetarian, it is not necessary to add milk or eggs.

It comfortably adds anything you like on the top – peanuts, butter – a good idea. Like that, you have a delicious dessert for breakfast.

  • Rice pudding

That all you need is a rice cooker and four ingredients so as to make a favourite dessert. You are not a fan of rice pudding – no problem. You will probably change your thought when looking at the simple version. It only takes a little time, but you get a homemade dessert healthily.

  • Poached pomegranate spiced pears

A variety of ingredients includes cinnamon, pears, cardamom, and anise. All make an elegant dessert, especially, if you have the need for a party. Nothing is difficult when you can add all to your rice cooker. It is easy, right?

Yes, I believe that you will love these new recipes, because now you will be able to use your humble rice cooker for a wide range of purposes, instead of only cooking rice. Happy cooking enjoy!

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