Yesterday we talked about the NEW Pizza Express in Formby, today Formby Desserts…

When the bell rang for half-term for my 14-year-old and 8-year-old cousins last week we headed straight to The Udder Guys in Formby for milkshakes and waffles. Having discovered the ‘Udder Guys’ on my favourite social media platform Instagram (did I mention I just hit 30k followers…go me!) I knew I had to go and try out their shakes.

Tucked in a row of shops, opposite The Grapes Pub and next to Uniformby this little shake shack is a perfect after-school treat for the kids, hangover cure after a big night out and post-gym treat (stick with us!).

Arriving after school and a slight bit of snow we were pleasantly surprised to not have to wait in a queue, after being advised by my older cousin of the two that there’s ALWAYS a massive queue as the shakes are just SO good. The younger cousin of the two he couldn’t contain his excitement for the waffle he was about to tackle.

This bright blue and green retail unit plays home to some serious milkshake art. With hundreds of combinations, it really is a milkshake lover’s heaven. After a few minutes deciding between us I opted for the Nutella Fella, a milkshake which contained my ultimate favourite, Nutella and Strawberries, covered in a strawberry sauce and topped with sprinkles and a flake. The youngest of my cousins opted for a Daim Bar milkshake with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles for topping. My other cousin chose a full blown Oreo milkshake which oozed chocolate sauce up the side of the cup, and was topped with cream, crushed oreos and marshmallows.

To accompany their milkshakes they ordered a Nutella and Milky Bar Waffle.

As the fantastic and hilarious staff behind the counter began to make waffles and blend milkshakes talk turned to pronunciation and the whole store erupting into saying Whey Aye Man as they all laughed and joked about my Geordie accent. Little did they know the four Scousers all sounded more Welsh than a Geordie.

Talking about Whey, The Udder Guys offer protein shakes for post-gym workouts. Ideal for those who are bulking, shredding or just have a sweet tooth after a hard gym session there’s almond milk and coconut milk and any amounts of fruit to accompany the assorted whey they stock.

We laughed and joked and our milkshakes were served. With the smallest of the two making sure he had a big gulp of our shakes to check them out he really was quite the milkshake connoisseur but decided his milkshake was his favourite. Just as well because he wasn’t getting mine!

Their waffle was served and oh my goodness. This huge mound of gooey chocolatey goodness was served with ice cream and a branded wafer for that extra touch. Digging in their eyes lit up as the sugar hit their systems, both of them had chocolate around their faces as they smiled and nodded as I asked how their waffle was. Naively I thought these two hungry horses would be able to take on the waffle, but unfortunately, they were completely defeated.

Not only do The Udder Guys serve up the best milkshakes and waffles but they’ve added a pick ‘n’ mix box to their selection of dessert goodies! What’s even better is they offer a local delivery service. Ideal for those who are yes you guessed it absolutely hungover after a big night out and can’t move from their beds! Because you know what? Milkshakes solve all your life problems!

Disclaimer: This food was complimentary, all views are my own. Read more about disclosure here.


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