Having a dog in your life is very rewarding. Not only does it give you the loyalty and companionship, not many people find with other pets, but it can also be a huge part of your life. Dogs become part of your routine, your daily life. Which is why as they get older, we want to provide the best possible care. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you these tips on how you can help your dog in the later years.

Keep up with regular exercise

As we do, as dogs get older their muscles and joints can become stiff. Or begin to ache. Which is why it’s just as essential to keeping your dog active and moving. This enables them to use those muscles regularly and keep them as supple as they can be. The last thing you want is your dog to be struggling with muscles stiffness and pain and you not being aware of it. Keep up with daily walks, just don’t make them as strenuous as they get older.

Ensure they get the right amount of food they need

Keeping your dog in good health and in great condition is harder as they get older. But it will be more important to ensure that you don’t overfeed them. This is because they can gain weight easier in their later years. Excessive weight then can add pressure to their organs and their muscles. Try and keep with with the food habits and ensure you feed them the right amount for their size, breed, and age.

Take care of their mobility issues

Sometimes you may find that your dog’s mobility will decline. This may be down to general wear and tear of their bones or muscle. Or simply down to ill health. Of course, it is essential to try and keep them as comfortable as possible during this time. Which is why you could consider things like a disabled dog wheelchair. These offer a great alternative to keeping your dog mobile and comfortable.

Visit the vet regularly

Visiting the vet regularly can highlight any upcoming problems. It’s always good to be aware of the situation. But also regular health checks with a vet can ensure that your dog’s weight is where it should be.

Offer lots of love and affection

Finally, don’t forget to offer lots of love and affection to your dog in their later years. Just like we can, this will be a time where they may feel more vulnerable than before. It’s essential to keep them warm and comfortable, while still encouraging them to be active. Of course, love and affection go without saying when it comes to dog ownership. But try and be a little more aware of the situation as they get older. They can’t tell you, but they will certainly appreciate the care.

Dogs can live beyond 15 years, dependant on the breed. Which it’s why it’s so important to take care of them in the early years. A good active lifestyle for your dog, with the right food and care, will help to encourage a healthier life in their later years.

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